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Signs that she is a goddess in the bedroom

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Signs that she is a goddess in the bedroom

Spotting a godess in bed

Spotting a godess in bed

After many years of experience and observation from fellow men, and can also spot for you someone who will bore you stiff in bed.

Its true that I have made some few mistakes especially in advising some friends but if it is a percentage it’s an insignificant 5 percent.

Let’s hit the road running

There are many facts when it comes to a woman being a goddess in bed, but it’s important to note that the greatness of a woman or a man in bed is the ability to make the other partner feel like a lion or a lioness. So here are some tips that can help you identify one;-

Limited speech

Unlike men, who are known to make the loudest roars when they are on top of a woman, one thing I have come to learn about women who are great in bed is that, they have an element of quietness about them, especially when they are talking to the general public.

Surprisingly, the same quite lady will surprise you when you are in the act, it’s like such ladies save their best for the bedroom. It is while in the act that she will boost your morale with loud noises and all that goes with it.

The walk

I wish that I could demonstrate for you dear reader how they do this; this is because most of the women who are great in bed almost have something in common when it comes to the way they walk.

At best they are never in a rush, their steps are short and calculated; forget about the catwalks……….. In fact it’s been suggested that the catwalk girls are often not great in bed.

She is a good dancer

You will never go wrong here. Any woman, who can dance on the floor, can surely dance in bed; you can see sex in her using the dance philosophy. A dancer has to be in rhythm with the body, the emotions and the actions. Its the same reason why I beg to ask fellow men that if the best dancers come from the east, does it make them the best in bed.

Takes care of her body

Sorry if you thought that am going to talk about the body shape, this is because while people have different tastes and preferences, the performance of a sexual act is not about appearance, but a character in someone.

One characteristic is that such ladies take care of their bodies; they will practice, keep in good shape, and spend a fortune to look good, because they know that a good body will ease her sexual escapades. In fact when you are together she will not be shy to bare it all to you.

She is Energetic

While talking to a recently, he admitted to me that he has always fantasized about making love to someone like Serena Williams….where as a woman does not have to be all built up like Serena, the energy must be inbuilt; what I mean is, one can bump into a lady who could be fat and plump but she would surprise you with their athletic prowess in bed, and many men will attest to this facts that an energetic woman is always a challenge.

She is reserved

The fact that they often know their secrets, a reserved woman would be a sure bet. Its even taught by the Sengas that a good woman doesn’t do this or that; this means that a good woman will have some modesty, this should not be confused with lack of self esteem, because a woman with low self esteem will give you the opposite of what you are searching for.

She is a great kisser

This one is for the one who is almost there, I mean if a lady can allow you to kiss her then, you are almost there. A good kisser will rarely be bad in bed, its one of the sure indicators of sweetness in bed.

The good thing about sex and improvement is that anyone can actually improve their sexual knowledge. It’s against this background that, in the yonder years the Sengas would be a must for every near marriageable girl.

Before I conclude this, I would like to put a disclaimer that; should you happen to follow one of these discoveries and somehow you find that things are not as they have been predicted, then know that there are no guarantees in life, or perhaps maybe you are the problem, as they say,’ a dance rhythm is often controlled by the drummer’



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