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There is more sex at the guest house than business

There is more sex at the guest house than business

My Oxford pocket dictionary defines a guest house as a private house offering accommodation to paying guests. This may be the same definition for a lodge or an inn. A hotel is just a modernized form of guest house or inn. In fact a hotel is an establishment that provides lodging paid on short term basis. Larger hotels may provide additional guest facilities such as a swimming pool, business center, childcare, conference facilities and social function services.

Conventionally, lodges and guest houses are meant for travellers, business people and tourists who are far away from their homes and need temporary accommodation. This is no longer the case. They are now places for sex. School girls, prostitutes and married people are the most frequent clients at guest houses. In fact people who go to lodges and guest houses are into prostitution, fornication or adultery.

Students who show up late for school are locked out. The worry is where do the students who are turned away go? These students, usually dressed in uniform, save for a few who carry extra clothes in their backpacks, can be found in bars, local cinema shacks. Lodges are a safe haven for these students, especially girls who are lured by men to give in to sex in exchange for gifts. School authorities should to take other measures in dealing with latecomers.

This is not meant to offend people who go to the lodges for sex, but it is intended to remind them of something important. You pay cash to enter a room with some woman whose sexual history you can never be sure. You undress and jump into a bed. The couple who just walked out had sex in those very bed sheets. The one that left before them did the same, so as the hundreds who did it the whole week, months and years.

When people make the bed sheets wet, lodge staff simply wipe with a damp cloth then use a hot iron to dry the spot. The very same spot you shall wet is most likely the same spot each couple wets. The top sheet keeps all that stuff too. Do you know that the sweat you drip in one round is the same that others before you also did? That concoction of fluids is what you take home!

The bath towel you wipe with knows thousands more sperms. You choose to use a corner just as all people think and do. More multiple sperm, bacteria and viruses. Remember washing detergents are not cheap so lodge staff only wash sheets after holidays. Meanwhile an average of 12 sex encounters occurs per day on the same linen and bed. By the time sheets get washed about 1000 sex encounters took place on them! Are you safe?

By the way, foreign tourists come here to visit places, meet people, enjoy new cuisine and learn different cultures. This is not the case with our local tourists. A local tourist, a resident of Makindye, goes to Nakawa to have sex. After all, Nakawa is at a reasonable distance from Makindye. There are more lodges in Kampala suburbs than the people who use them. In fact this is one of the most lucrative businesses in the city. You can hardly find a free room at a guest house at lunch time and on weekends. The fact that sex is done at lunch time proves that these are married people and school girls.



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