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shoe brands that rule men closet

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shoe brands that rule men closet



A lot have been written about women and the million attires that they don say dresses, skirts and many more in today’s Sunrise Fashion we are focusing on what men desire most when it comes to shoes and below are top Five shoe brands that that rule men closets

Bruno Magli

When it comes to men’s shoes, there is no doubt that Italian made ones will make it on the list. Bruno Magli is also among the popular and luxurious brands for men’s shoes. The company has made long-lasting shoes for decades and their popularity continues even today.


For men who would like to stray away from the conventional design of men’s shoes, Gucci is the brand to go for. The company makes sneakers, slip-ons and even boots which have unique aesthetics. The company usually blends different materials for their men’s shoes. This gives men a chance to wear different designs of formal and casual shoes so they do not have to limit themselves with the typical leather shoes.


Men do love to showcase their machismo especially on occasions when they get to don their rugged look. No other shoe can highlight their masculinity even more than a good pair of Timberland shoes. Boots that are made by Timberland are still the top choice for men. The chunky design makes it very beguiling for men. Aside from that, these boots can also withstand extensive use.


Nike never fails to top the list because of their wide range of athletic shoes for men. Over the years, the company has done an excellent job when it comes to highly-durable shoes for various types of sports, whether it is basketball, soccer, tennis, cross-training or others.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Who says only girls can find an extra boost of confidence on shoes that are a bit pricey? Yes, men also enjoy the extra comfort and the luxurious feel of branded shoes. Salvatore Ferragamo is among the most preferred brand for men.



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