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‘Refuse to give up’

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‘Refuse to give up’

Refuse to give up you are just about to get there

Refuse to give up you are just about to get there


Having faced the bitter side of life for so many years, I know, very well, that really a time comes and a person who went into the ring to fight the lions of this life gets tired and then thinks of scampering away from the battle field to go into hiding, perhaps thinking that he can save his life.

It pains when one tries in vain, for years. Running away is not the solution, my friend. It will in fact worsen the situation. You cannot hide! Think of the journey you have so far walked! Time is also an opponent and it’s against you. Do not turn back.

And if you decide to play around, without passing the ball around, and hammering strong balls into its net, hard life will surely attack you mercilessly and you will be trounced seven – zero. Think hard, my honoured friend, before you turn around to run away, leaving your dreams to the angry dogs to feast on them.

You can never walk alone. My pen is still present and, in fact, what you today go through is normal and part of this game that I like so much to play. The game of success! The more times you fall down the better.

He who falls becomes unafraid of falling again. If the times you have fallen are so many, just know that those that you are meant to fall are about to get over. If Thomas Edison did not fail all the times that he was supposed to fail, the world would not have perhaps seen the electric bulb during his time.

He failed 10,000 times. During the struggle, men and women present laughed and scoffed at him but after he triumphed, the same people formed groups to praise him and often waved at him whenever he passed through the streets. It is the habit of the world to laugh at dreamers.

Look, the reason it does is because no one was granted the ability by the creator to know exactly what is taking place in the mind of the other. Even trained doctors predict death, only to see the patient asking for food the following morning.

People will say, and they have always done this, since time immemorial. Truly great success comes after one’s feet bleed. Usain bolt sweats more than his competitors and it’s the reason why he takes the most admirable medal whenever he comes, to compete.

The She Cranes managers, or anybody concerned, thought money would be the only answer to their problems. I did not follow up to know the exact amount that they gathered but even if they had got the sum they needed, they would not go beyond the stage they reached in the net ball world cup. The ignorant world thinks that it is only money that brings greatness and more money.

Transformation comes first, to hard workers, and through hard work such things like money and the other luxurious things of life also come running. I honour the wise man that thought and agreed that indeed the more one works the luckier he or she becomes.

Whatever success you have so far attained, it did not come before struggling. Man is an animal that forgets quickly. And I knew that earlier in life.   I would have forgotten the amount of cold food I ate almost every morning while going to school, with no shoes in my feet. I would have ignored the villagers I visited last time, if I did not know that really ignorance and illiteracy have kept the black skinned man back ward.

The award winning motivational authors have always been white men. I thought about that and thought that we would do that job of motivating the world better than them because we suffer more than them.

Who said we could give up before reaching here in the air conditioned world? No surrender now, for we survived bigger and violent storms and now our bodies are as hard as rocks. I suffered and even thought of committing suicide.

The world is on fire and tears are being seen rolling down the cheeks of almost every individual. Last time Besigye was pepper sprayed and we saw him crying. Orphans who are helpless are so many. Street children go beyond the number you once thought about. The homeless and the hungry, plus those who are underfed are so many.

The responsibility is huge upon us. I am in the field busy working, and a big crowd has formed around me. I must be busy now. But I may not accomplish this alone if you, with the ability to listen to wisdom, has got t afraid, to leave this thing of changing the world in the hands of a few individuals.

No one will dig for us paths to power or riches whole heartedly like we can do it ourselves. Fear is among the deadliest enemies. It has kept so many backward. Do not fear!

Refuse to give up, and force yourself once more to the next step. The further one goes, the more one realizes that really more places and interesting things exist ahead. There is cleaner life, beyond what you today go through. Do not give up, therefore!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist.

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