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Most overlooked tips for classy sex

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Most overlooked tips for classy sex

Lovers playing in bed

Lovers playing in bed

Though sex is the most discussed topic in the world even beating topics like those discussing God ‘hands down’, pills have managed to achieve this elusive pleasure!

But so many, what we are always looking for, is most often right there staring us in the eye.

From personal experience, I have come to realize that sexual satisfaction is not rocket science, and the little things can eventually lead you to sexual ecstasy if not ignored by both partners.

Here below is a list of things that I have found to enhance sexual desire for men and women alike;-

Give time to fore play

This is especially for the men, many believe that foreplay is unnecessary and when they do it, they don’t take their time only diving south straight away!

The best way is to concentrate your effort on all areas excluding the private parts, this way you will create anticipation down south, the human body is a sexual field of exploration touch squeeze, kiss the whole body, foreplay is not only about the private parts!

Use your tongue wisely

One of the most powerful tools in any sexual encounter is the tongue! Did you know that 60% of women who achieve orgasm claim that oral sex has a better chance of making them achieve orgasm than the revered penis?

Another advantage that the tongue holds is that you can put it anywhere, the mouth, the nose, the eyes without looking weird……and finally when kissing, don’t use your tongue like a penis……in and out in again and out again…….Rather, make variation in movement and pressure.

Short, slow and shallow is better

Doctors tell us that the vagina is designed in a way that only the top 3 inches from the opening has any sensitive nerves, thus thrusting short and shallow, rather than deep will make the difference between pleasure and pain. No wonder it’s no wonder that oral sex is the shortest way to achieving maximum stimulation.

Take your time

It is important to note that sex is not a race so no trophies for arriving first. Take your time and enjoy each other (unless it’s a quickie, which has its own thrills).

Words can open the sex heaven’s gate

Many do the cardinal sin of believing that when it comes to sex, it’s now more actions and no talk, this is a very wrong conception because few things can stimulate another like words.

Words can stimulate tremendously no wonder people are known to play sex over the phone until they achieve orgasm…..that is how powerful words are in the kingdom of sex!

Did you know that during sex is the only time one is allowed to talk dirty?

Praise your partner

However the best words to say during sex are praise words; praise your partner, tell them how good they are and you will definitely see the difference that this will give you into your sex life!

Never agree to disagree

Outside the bedroom one is allowed to disagree with ones partner, but in bed never agree to disagree.

Agreeing to disagree shuts down the communication channels and resolves nothing. This is because you are two and doing the same thing there fore you must tread the same path to get to your prescribed destination of sexual satisfaction.

Do not take what is in the bedroom outside

It’s worth noting that any problems that start in the bedroom have a way of spilling out of the bedroom and will eventually kill the relationship! Make sure that when you get a bedroom problem solve it within the bedroom.

Variety will keep your sex alive

Experiment whatever you think can improve your sex. Do start sex outside your bedroom. The same old place (Bedroom) leads to the same old patterns.

Make sure that you alternate the sex all over the house, sex is a portable activity, try the bathroom, the kitchen, the balcony, the compound, sitting room because of this new place and situation your bodies will be forced to change position and thus killing the old routine!
Wish you luck



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