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‘The heart that bled for years’

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‘The heart that bled for years’

Abraham Lincoln former US president and Andrew Rugasira a Ugandan entrepreneur are inspirational figures

Abraham Lincoln former US president and Andrew Rugasira a Ugandan entrepreneur are inspirational figures


If a woman survives the pains that were promised to her by the creator Himself, during birth, > you too, will at last see the way through. If you are among those who have tried for years and have almost found none of the better things of life, stop crying. Listen to this message that I have come along with, today.

It is this message that I mixed with only a few other words and I changed the attitude of a forty something year old man in Manafwa district who had slept in a small one bedroom house for over two decades.

His mind changed and after an incredibly short period of time, perhaps in two years, he cleared the field, which he inherited from his father, laid a foundation of a house far bigger than those of most average men or women who work day and night in Kampala, and other respected urban areas.

That house stands there even today. He had lost hope and thought nothing good would ever come his way. God knew this man and wanted him to enjoy life just like Andrew Rugasira, who happens to be my Idol, does, but perhaps something was missing.

Exhausted as he was, he accepted to learn how to think and now; he is among the most successful men in the highly populated area where he stays. His attitude changed so much, still, that he went on to plant hundreds of coffee trees on the land he had ignored for years .He grew rich and now educates most of his children in Kampala and Kitale, Kenya.

Henry ford, as most historians comment, did not exceedingly succeed until he was well over forty years. He had a dream of belting this earth with dependable motor cars. His heart bled for years before the automobiles he dreamed of were seen. And the negative world scoffed at him and discouraged him. He carried on.

The great Abraham Lincoln thought of becoming the president of the United States when still a young boy. He did not accomplish this over night. He was opposed by the serious and the great, plus the ordinary, in the States by then, but he did not give up. He held on to his dream until he made it a reality.

Some of these men, the Fords, were so poor than you can EVER imagine. History tells us that Lincoln once walked over 40 kilometers to go and listen, and perhaps to talk, to a lawyer that he admired. The lawyer, who spoke like Jehovah, did not give Lincoln chance. He left without talking to young Lincoln.

I grew up a miserable boy in one of the darkest corners in Kampala. I cried day and night and slept hungry for years that I cannot even take time to count now. Oh, I could look up into the sky and beg the almighty to help me. Life was hard. Wandering about this earth, I could meet people who I thought could help me out of my problems.

A few men listened but then, those who listened could not solve my problems. So I continued to walk about, crying and counting my fingers and talking to space, Burning under the sun, thinking that someday perhaps things would change. Days passed and years also came and ended. Difficult life in school, and at home, continued.

I went to school without shoes, and coins in my pockets, for years. My heart bled. I wailed and sobbed. The thought of becoming an inspirational writer came into my mind later in life. Dreams come with more challenges. More salt, was added in the already painful wound.

To become a true inspirational author is not easy. Stories are refused by both the young and gray-haired editors. You write lines, from your heart, and the world refuses to look at them and you read them yourself, in hiding. This usually goes on for years.
No one may really describe the pain ambitious writers go through. Just go to neighbouring Kenya and you will see, with your own eyes, what I wanted to talk to you. The world gives room to only those who show that they know where they are going. The world is often hard on lazy- minded people.
I wouldn’t have been at the top of the list of the mightiest if its back ground that is considered when ranking incredible talent. Money is a tool that even the most experienced carpenters use to beautify their products. Look, money was not there to help me. I had no rich or powerful backers. But what did I do to overcome?
Wisdom is more precious than gold or silver and all the glittering pearls. What you want is just ahead and you will one day get it. I walked at night and met thugs plus all animals of the night and the police often grabbed me and forced me move around with them until day break. I was whipped by both humanity and this world. I refused to give up. I continued looking for what I wanted.
Stick around, near the temple. I must come back next week. My heart bled for so many years but I later discovered the jealously guarded secrets that the most powerful wouldn’t want the ordinary world to know about. I will tell them all, to you.
Sekka Bagenda is a writer.
An inspirational public speaker and a Sports Scientist. Have you say via 0756717967 or



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