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‘The battle is far from over’

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‘The battle is far from over’

Jesus Christ on the cross

Jesus Christ on the cross

Temple of Wisdom

Jesus was pelted with missiles and later spat on, by the very people he had come to save. He died for the sins of the others and the world is perhaps now slightly better than it would have been. Spare me please! So many people do not like it when someone tells them the ‘bitter’ facts.

Inspirational Speakers or Pastors of today, who mind less about the gift of everlasting life, have concentrated so much on pleasing their viewers on TV or those who listen to them. They ignore facts and focus on letting their congregations clap continuously.

So many people have been promised true success for years but because truth is hidden, we often find so many seekers along the way, as we walk to and fro, carrying out supervision, doing the same thing and looking around and not finding what they hugely desire.

This world will judge us with no mercy if we, who were given great platforms, like this one, refuse to tell the truth and concentrate on exciting people. No I am not, and will never be, among those who tell the world, if asked, to work hard, if they are to succeed.

Most rich and happy men and women when asked the cause of their great success, they say, “We worked hard.” This may be true, because hard work pays, but after it pays most people never obtain the results they thought they would when up there, at the mountain top.

A respected doctor, and indeed a well-to-do gentle man, told me that most of the people he received, with cases of lack of sleep, at night, were mostly very rich men and women, who the world thought had established themselves in business and other fields and so, viewed them as comfortable, with true peace.

I have to tell something uncommon because this is our time, we The Sunrise, to open the eyes of the world and to comfort the miserable. We need to use this time when politics is busy sitting on the neck of our country to tell it to the people isolated, across this country, that no regime may hand over to them the happiness they want.

No leader will come with all the time to think for this country and to see to it that all people obtain peace of mind, rare even among the wisest. This is the time that we must use to say to you that you deserve more than you currently have. Look, I became a rare writer and a true inspirational speaker yet I remained with no peace for an unthinkable period of time.

Money will come, in great amounts, but there are so many other riches that some people never regard as riches. Look, and study with me! This world wakes up every morning and heads to everywhere they may wish, to look for money.

Unfortunately, this inert thing, money, may never put some pearls in your hands. One should take care when one finds places full of gold, for we have seen so many people misusing glittering things. Men like Sadam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi had gathered more money than even their extended families could use.

They met their death when they least expected it. Their dead bodies were humiliated. You need happiness! You also need a free mind. You need to have a personality that pleases all those whom you come in contact with.

Revolutionaries of the past loved people more than they liked money! They won most of the battles that they fought. Do not be deceived, by anybody, that huge sacks of money may buy you a permanent place at the table of the great.

Though he might be a man of God, with a name, let him not tell you that even without persistence what you want will make its way to you, when it wishes. All people that the world respected and remembers persisted, so much, and persevered long.

They cried hard, but always they picked themselves up and dusted themselves off and continued up the ragged hills, through the paths that a few people in this world even ever think of using.

The road to good things, including everlasting life, is too narrow. And it was noted, so many decades ago, that the ladder of success is never crowded at the top. People go to places of worship and jump, and shout, excitedly having heard the prophecy of men, or women, of God.

Years come and pass, and still in the middle of wilderness such true worshippers find themselves. The useful fact they forget to remember is that faith that is not backed with action is dead. The scriptures state that clearly. I need to see you feeding the world. Visit the sick in the hospitals.

Prisons are full and people, there, need hope. Those with money should be advised, somehow, and this country will see serious investors. The half-clothed and the unwanted plus the needy, and the destitute here, in this country, are calling upon us.

Though we might have gathered the brains to gather enough money, the world is telling us that the battle is far from over. The world needs our wisdom. When I look ahead, I see that a lot has to be done, still. Join me next week, therefore!



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