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‘Know, but do not tell’

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‘Know, but do not tell’

Know but refuse to tell the world

Know but refuse to tell the world


No secret shall remain hidden, for all people to enter. The attractive and unattractive are all welcome and by the time this year steps there, at the finishing line, already so many souls shall have been saved.

I am back again, with true energy and desire, in my heart, to open your eyes that someone perhaps wanted to permanently shut. A few rich men in this country are happy with me but now, what can we do? The temple was opened to open people’s eyes. I am going ahead.
The world is full of selfish and greedy people.

Few people want you to succeed, and if it is the fact, let me hand over to you some more weapons that you may use to overcome this extremely dangerous world.

Remember, whatever you select to do, you can exceedingly succeed at it. Do not look back! The secrets that I am determined to reveal to you are still so many and there, I said, will be no resting until it is thought that all of them have been released into the minds of the listening world.

I am ready to go on! Sit, attentively, in the temple, and your life, if you listen, will never remain the same. Your bleeding feet shall one day heal and here, in the world of action, people shall praise you having seen the scars. True warriors escape with evidence, from the battle fields.

I wish you well in everything that you are currently doing. Together we are still and shall march, hand in hand, as I show you all the possible routes you can take to the fertile fields, on earth, full of the beauty that the greedy world is looking for, all the time.

So cooperative you have been. I am so happy. Now, listen to this: To attain outstanding success, you need to do things that the majority of people ignore or never try, at all, to do.

You might be tired of what you are currently going through, but remember there are those who are perhaps over eighty, now, but have never seen anything even similar to what that we, the wise, call permanent happiness.

They want peace and happiness, and prosperity, and they still look for them seriously, but they always come back empty handed. You need to be different. Accept to walk towards this side of the earth where people are not afraid to think, accurately.

You need to do what others refuse to do. You enemies are perhaps now many. You do not need enemies now. You need a free mind. You need an environment free from people who vowed that they could fight until they see the beginning of your worst days.

Learn if you can! People who stand around and tell what they know are mostly those who never go beyond talking. A mechanic talks less about cars than that one who knows almost nothing about automobiles. A lawyer who brags that he is better than others is incapable of performing. Like they say, barking dogs seldom bite.

If you talk about your plans, unwisely, your enemies will fight you and will defeat you, whether you like it or not. We do not know why, up now, but the heart of the human being changes and behaves rudely if it realizes that another human being, from the other side, has come up with a plan or plans to enable him perform miracles.

It is a well-known fact that even relatives can stand in your way to prevent you from succeeding. You must know more about the hearts around you before you continue with this journey, to true life.

Some people are cruel-hearted! That is the world that we stay in.
A few friends will genuinely celebrate if you succeed before they do. Silence is among the few real weapons that can protect you from fiercest t enemies. Every man believes that he knows better than the other.

That group of negative people will never envy you or fight, to pull you down, if you do not show them that you know better than they do. It is a habit of all human beings to believe that they must rule wherever they find themselves.

Do not tell that you know and you shall see how people, from all corners, will come, with open arms, to welcome you to comfortable places so that they may give you more room and to show you more paths to what you desire. There is no reason why I should talk about what I know even when I am off the temple pulpit.

No, when I am away, from here, I do a lot of listening. Sometimes I find myself spending so many hours away from the talkative world. I think a lot and meditate, a lot, and listen, a lot, and through doing so, I find myself in possession of the hugely shocking secrets that those who are successful enough may never get time to reveal to you.

The talkative are defeated even before they begin. Conquer your enemies and keep them out of your way, to success, forever, by taking a decision now. ‘Know’ but refuse to tell it to the world.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer.
An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.
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