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Fluids are important for Sex

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Fluids are important for Sex

Lover's tips for sex

Lover’s tips for sex

Someone once asked me what it takes to be writing about sex week after week; he was wondering if the ideas don’t run out, this is because he expects that every week I will have to come up with a novel idea or style that will be releva

Not for my readers. I told him that, writing about sex is all about reminding people what they already know, I also told him that its not rocket science to write about sex because these are day today things which we just need to keep practicing.

So today, let’s take a peep at that moment before sex.

None of us like to do any thing without preparation; Sex itself needs a lot of preparations both long and short term. In the long term preparation, there are some crucial things that one has to take precaution about, things like lifestyle and the diet, if they are not checked they will eventually wreck your sex life! but that is a topic for another day. Today we look at the things one should bare in mind those few hours and minutes before a love making session; these include:-

Communication as always

Be sure to keep communication lines open. Sharing your thoughts and ideas will help you and your partner understand, what you need to do prior to having sex. Sometimes even deciding not having sex could be a sex move, say, one of you is not in the mood, and then you could adjust the session for another day or time something that brings in sexual anticipation which in itself is a healthy act.

Pick the perfect time

Timing beats all kinds of preparations; its important that you know that you have enough time on your hands for sex to be enjoyable, the rush to beat the deadline doesn’t work when it comes to sex…….If you have kids wait for them to go to sleep, unless you are planning for a quickie, (that is all right), but otherwise, its only fools who rush in!

Hygiene can be either a turn on or turn off

Forget those ideas that some people like the odour of a long days work; smelling bad, is bad for sex…period! Take your time and have a shower, brush your teeth and wear some perfume, and you will not only feel fresh, but you will not make your partner turn the other side. Better still you can take a shower together.

Do make eye contact

During all this time that you are preparing or romancing make sure that you maintain eye contact, its one of the most intimate things that you can do even if you are in a crowd.


Do have a sense of humor. There’s nothing worse than an over serious person wanting to make love to you, bring laughter in your bedroom and the happy hormones will enhance the experience. Even if something goes wrong, like failure to achieve an erection, don’t die of embarrassment—laugh it off and try again, sex is a play not a fight..

Avoid a full stomach

Typically, a large meal increases blood flow to the stomach, which is the wrong organ. A grumbling stomach is not romantic, either, eat lightly because even an empty stomach would help, so eat lightly and have some fun!

Lastly drink plenty of liquids; this is because, keeping hydrated helps you stay mentally and physically alert all day and helps you go that extra distance at night. “If you’re low on fluids, you will be low on those important sexual fluids too. “Drink a couple of glasses of water all day long and you wont regret taking that water, this is especially true for our sisters.

Now dear friends, have you read anything new? As I said before, its all about reminding each other!




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