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Is it true that women are sweet?


Is it true that women are sweet?

Is it true women are sweet

Is it true women are sweet

Someone found time to write on the walls of a public toilet a statement I categorized later as the statement of the year. It read: “Basajja banange, Omukazi awooma!!!”. This person was bringing it to the attention of fellow men that a woman is ‘sweet’.

Whether or not this is true is not my concern. I only liked the honesty and the creativity with which the person made the statement. It must have come from the bottom of his heart and not from the top. If women knew what men were thinking about them, men would be slapped every minute.

Did I say that the human mind is very creative? Yes, I did. Our minds are as busy as beehives with so many activities going on. Sometimes we only lack a screen to broadcast what is happening in our minds. But that’s not an excuse. Creative chaps always find a way and a vent for their emotions. They project their minds on a wider society screen for everyone to know what is niggling within their minds.

If you have seen graffiti written in toilets, on street walls and on vehicles then you have seen the creativity and the dexterity in people’s minds and hands. I admire the way taxi owners and drivers express their minds when they inscribe their thoughts on their vehicles. Sometimes it is a bit of attack and counter attack among these people. The whole experience becomes an interesting circus for us to enjoy.

When one taxi over takes another it is likely to find a word like “Ondabye?”,on the overtaking taxi. The already overtaken taxi also accelerates to overtake the challenger and one expects the second taxi to have a word like “Siruwalira muli” written on it.   While one taxi has statement like “Wasadde?” literally meaning Have you prayed? Another has just the right answer to the question; “Fakumudaala gwo” meaning that mind your own business.

There are vehicles with provocative statements written on them such as “If you think am slow, why are you behind me”. Someone drives an expensive sport car with words written at the back: “Honey move faster because the bastard behind us may hit your bumper”. You can now imagine how one feels especially if he or she is the one following the sport car.

In a certain girls’ school a girl wrote in the toilets, “Am a virgin and proud”. Another picked a marker and wrote just below the first statement:   “Lucky you, I sold mine for a smart phone and am now busy using the phone to google for information on how to acquire secondary virginity”.

The third girl wrote below the second statement saying “Whether a virgin or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we all have the vaginas”. The discussion was wrapped up by the fourth girl who wrote “Stop writing on the toilet walls you foolish girls”



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