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‘The only secret I rarely tell to the world’


‘The only secret I rarely tell to the world’



The majority of people let others to do their thinking. They refuse to seize opportunities when they come and sit down and spend almost the rest of their lives crying and blaming people around, and God, for not remembering them.

You have been around for some time, near or within the Temple, of Wisdom, so with one heart, I must now decide to trust you so much and therefore will go the extra mile, to tell you the secrets that I rarely speak to the public.

Man hates truth and some times claps only to appreciate politicians of the 21st century, who failed to recognize the fact that ‘no lie can live forever’. Someone may even put down his hand, to be chopped off, insisting that miracles cannot be done.

Life is a game and, like football, some play it and win genuinely while others do whatever they can to overcome their opponents. The rules of the game are sometimes broken. So be careful the route you take. Those who would like to enjoy permanent success take the rough road to the land of milk and honey.

The weak in the heart believe there are some things that are still for nothing. So they sit back and wait, for perhaps their former classmates to come along to show them where opportunities are or to dig for them wider paths that they may use together with other people.

So many people act because someone is also busy. This is the reason why most offices become crowded during the break fast hours and then get empty during the after noon. The lazy world neither wakes up so early, in the morning, nor does it overwork itself during the normal working hours.

Build the wider roads within the city, or even provide air planes to take people to work, if you can, but you may never solve the problem of traffic jam here. People Wake up at seven, in the morning, bathe and spend time taking breakfast until after eight.

It is a well-known fact that most Ugandans arrive at work at nine, and work actively for less than two hours and then resort to gossiping, concentrating on politics, mentioning the names of Museveni or Besigye or Mbabazi almost all the time. Poverty here is here because it has to be here. Look, we talk a lot and act less.

Those who admire things already acquired forbid their children from accessing dangerous corners full of deadly political games and concentrate on wishing that perhaps one day selfish and greedy men or women, leading, will give up power and let others take over. That may never happen!

Now, be here, in front of the active world, and learn how men, and women, with power do their thing. We were created to make the blind see. Look here!

Thomas doubted that his master had resurrected from the dead. There is convincing evidence that Jesus went back to heaven. Stop taking part in unnecessary arguments. Be focused now, as Kayanja did. He ignored what people said so much so that he eventually managed to gather so much money and made himself famous and powerful.

He even bought a personal jet which left so many men, the ordinary and the respected, questioning the source of his rare power. He was slandered but he remained standing.

It is this world’s habit to slander the well to do. Catch a child, or even a man, dozing and he will deny it. Some people who are poor have refused to recognize it. The ignorant think they know better than we do. The sick fear to see the doctor.

A few cigarette smokers agree that too much smoking can take their lives. The world celebrates with the successful. The same world spends a lot of time blocking the paths of those who are looking for results. Let the sleeping dogs lie.

Looking around and seeing almost no one seeing them, civil servants dip fingers into money tills that do not belong to them and steal it. They perhaps do it ignorantly but I know they are mature enough to recognise that there is temporary success and permanent success. So, do not doubt. Neither must you argue! Satan, as well as God, is powerful.

There is witch craft in this world and people use it. My father died of a disease that is even today among the easiest to cure. Anything could be done to overcome it, but because he thought his time had not yet come, he succumbed to the disease. The right time is now! Give no time to any body who may want to imprison your mind.

Read the about lines again and again and you will see the secret with your own eyes. It was wrapped carefully, in a cloth, perhaps because the world is full of idle minds which I know are about to accuse me of using this platform and the power gathered after so many years of crying and growing thinner, to compare the devil to the living God.

Unlike in the past, I am now less concerned about what ‘they’ say. And the fearless, in the heart, shall always be misunderstood. It is your right! Think! And you shall see the right path.

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