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Can a man be faithful to his partner?

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Can a man be faithful to his partner?

A couple having an argument

A couple having an argument

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For those men out there who have never cheated on your wives please put your hands up! Those whose hands are up are the ones who have just recently come back from their honey moon. If you have been in a relationship for some long time and your hand is up then you are a liar. Men are blessed with one thing; they have an understandable inclination to lie about doing something even when everyone agrees that it is wrong.

A faithful man is every woman’s precious gift. Unfortunately very few women have this gift. Much as most men may not be faithful there are of course those that are true and faithful to their partners. Studies have shown that about 50% of men are faithful to their wives. The irony is that these studies were done some time ago and followed a period of time when men were separated from their wives for long periods of time because of war.

Researchers have attempted to establish circumstances under which men become unfaithful. This is intended to cultivate an excuse for being an infidel. Surely, the number of infidelities in couples who have been married for less than five years, must, surely, differ from those couples who have been married for over ten years.

Men may be faithful for various reasons. Some men simply have very little interest in sex, within or outside the marriage. I think that these are the men who have set down the various rules against different kinds of sexual behavior. There are men who are shy. They may be in a position where an opportunity appears for an illicit sexual encounter; and they, sort of, don’t react until afterwards. Sometimes they report these minor encounters to their peers me with a vague sense of regret.

There are men who end being faithful simply they are too busy in their lives to have much time for an affair. They are preoccupied with work, with dealing with kids and a home, with various social activities. Having an affair seems too time-consuming and not worth the effort. Most of these men aren’t thinking of affairs in the first place. Some men just feel uncomfortable lying and practicing the various complicated deceits required to successfully pull off having an affair.

Fidelity is sometimes brought about by the fear of repercussions when one is discovered being unfaithful. Some men know that their wives would feel terrible if they were discovered to be unfaithful; and, possibly, their marriages would be at risk. No logical person would wish to test the depth of the lake with both legs.

Men need to know that being faithful is one of the best rewards they can extend to their wives. We all know that this is not easy but we can manage our feelings and take control. The special advantage man has is that he can choose to follow his brains and not his heart.



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