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‘On your way up’

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‘On your way up’

In a hurry to get to the top

In a hurry to get to the top


It makes me happy whenever I hear news, any time. Thank you very much for striving to make things happen. The poor reading culture among some people has always kept them down and behind. You have to go up! People think and become rich.

Have confidence in yourself that you shall make progress despite efforts by people around you, and far, to stop. Now, let’s get too busy once more and take the fight to the enemy. You shall win, because we, the weapon suppliers, are still around, and we see, with all our eyes what is taking place and shall therefore do what is necessary.

No turning back! We are high up, into the air, and let’s create, therefore, no chance for the enemy to down our fighter planes. I have tried so hard to answer all the questions that you always ask me. It is our time! My dream was to make wisdom work for every body, regardless of their age.

The children of this world must be told and inspired to rise up and pursue their dreams with one, fearless, heart. I don’t care. I don’t mind. I don’t want to know how terrible your background was.

Whether you have capital or nothing in your hands, to call capital, it does not matter now. You may not be having powerful backers or influential men, or women, to introduce you to the world. That matters less.

What you need now is true wisdom. Listen to me and do what I say. You are undoubtedly going to go up regardless of what you are feeling in your heart right now. Now, if it is really true that you are on your way up, be ready for some thing.

Truth is the only solution to your current problems. Allow me to say it. The first people to oppose you and to criticize you will be your relatives and friends, who are so close to you. You might know what you want but the world also believes that you must become something else. My friend, watch carefully.

My mother knew that I would get a seventy in English at school but she could not believe it that I would use the same language to inspire the desperate world. And when I sat her down one time and told her about some of my future plans, she scoffed at me and, according to what I saw, and felt, she did not understand me.

She too thought like others thought about the young in society and concluded, “What have you seen in this world? You will never do it!” She was my mum and perhaps had a right to think for me or to direct me, as she wished, but I know she lacked one ability: To accurately study and understand the thoughts of men, or ambition women, young or old. I accepted to be misunderstood and went on fighting on to translate my words into action. And now here I am!

People are going to criticize you. This world will misunderstand you! To be misunderstood pains, a lot. But now, of all the great people, who was not misunderstood? Christ was misunderstood, even by His own people who saw him growing up.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was heavily misunderstood by the very people who would have welcomed Him and the message that God, Himself, had given Him to deliver to His people. Do not wonder, or hate yourself, if the world, including your relatives, misunderstands you. Disappointments are likely to happen and expect them always.

A respected thinker studied this world so much, and suffered much! “It is a rough road that leads to heights of greatness”, he was later forced to say. He was right! Perseverance is among the mothers of greatness. If Mandela did not carry on even after he was released from prison, history would not have included him on the list of men who first ruled South Africa, after being democratically elected.

The other day a vacist from a respected high school sent me a touching text message congratulating me upon making myself a writer who wrote what she thought inspired her. This girl is right. I am outstanding, but the only thing she ignored is to want to know my journey to where I am, currently.

The journey has been long and incredibly difficult. Look, I began with almost no tool. I was staying in a rat infested hovel, with no electricity. But, I had desire. God often throws Himself to the side of those He has chosen. He finds you crying and holds you by your right hand to show you the right path.

Oh, I would have remained down, and crawling, forever if His hand was not upon me. But who could have helped me out of the hugely negative world? No one! You are going to be tested and tried, so hard, but remember, once you go up, you will surely make progress.

Once you change your attitude and accept to rise up, my friend, you will make progress, as long as you still want to go up! But now, listen: “Do not believe it if the world tells you to step on others to succeed!” Do not!

Sekka Bagenda is an inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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