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‘Up, and onward, for evermore’

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‘Up, and onward, for evermore’

Afflicted by perennial poverty

Afflicted by perennial poverty

Temple of Wisdom

At this moment of the year I would urge you to get more focused. Close your ears so tightly against what ‘they’ say and pursue your dreams with one heart. If you really want something so badly and you step out to look for it, > there is nothing onlookers can do to stop you. No one can defeat you without your permission.

Let’s together decide, now, that now it must be going up and onward. No turning back! You joined the temple, so feel at home and I assure you that, your life will change. Beautiful days come in life and when they come, if you followed the right path, the chances are less that they can disappear.

People catapult themselves into power and great honour and they can forevermore be in such positions. There is hope that those who live according to the commandments will enjoy life here on earth, and in the next world.

Try hard and apply the principles recommended here. There is no need, now, for young people, and old men and women, to seek opportunities from overseas. We need to build a country that our children, and children’s children, may admire when they develop minds to enable them understand and analyze what takes place around them.

I look and see China and countries like Singapore and Malaysia or South Korea and continue to believe, in my heart, that indeed there is nothing impossible in God’s world.

When I was still a bare-foot boy, and shiftless, always walking aimlessly from one dusty football pitch to another, I could look at those I admired and asked myself whether it were really true that what they accomplished was possible.
It took me so many years to completely believe that really most great people almost start with nothing.

In life we learn so many lessons and whatever one goes through, even though that thing may be so terrible, one should never lose hope.

Life changes and, forevermore, one may move on, regardless of opposition and ridicule and the criticism that may be strong enough to assail him, hard, wanting to force him off the track. There is huge misery in this world, indeed.

I always agree whenever I sit down to listen to the hopeless and the unloved. I missed honeyed words, talked to me, for a very long time. I know the meaning of sleeping hungry because it happened to me for many years. I know that one’s pockets can be empty for several months.

I believe, so much, that friends and relatives can abandon someone for all the years they want as long as they still continue to see no value in that person. This world and its people undermine the poor and those who are nothing.

Now, our purpose should be to move forward and we must not think of turning back. If you choose to fly, fly high and never stop until you see what you sought up there. This temple must see so many lives changing, and we have started to witness this already. It is my habit to complete what I begin.

I cannot rest. “The struggle is my life.” It continues! You can rise and you can stay up there, forevermore. Do not drop the taught principles. Both the cruel-hearted and the kind-hearted can put huge money into their purses but, remember, a time comes and poor manners drop their possessors into well-dug and deep ditches to leave them there.

I sob, in my heart, whenever I think about how the lives of most dictators end. Wield power, if you can, but never misuse power. Those who have ever stayed without enough money for a long time know how painful it is. I must eradicate poverty among the minds of men, and the women, living in this century! I hate it!

You are likely to die earlier than you would have if you stay in penury for long. Fight on! Money comes easily to those up stairs. They command and it hears. You need to establish yourself in the field you are in.

Money obeys only those who mastered the art of calling it. It never listens to the poor in the mind. Up, and onward, forevermore! The temple of wisdom is on move. People become what they are because of the way they think.

The words that you, every week, digest are the words that the revolutionaries of the past centuries allowed into their minds. They changed society yet they had no modern tools that we today have.

Today politicians move around with sacks of dollars yet still fail to gather power, the genuine power. Change your attitude and you will think the same thoughts that those greater than you, now, think. You will also fly into the atmosphere where perhaps most of your desires are hidden. Up, and onwards, go, always! Never turn back.

The temple of wisdom is still open, widely. The box of secrets is still keenly watched and all the secrets, there, will be told to those who are obedient and always willing to turn up and listen to the sermons. Do not mind! Everything will be said. Come in time, next time. With a pen and piece of paper in your hands!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.
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