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Three simple steps to solve unemployment in Uganda

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Three simple steps to solve unemployment in Uganda

Anticipating for jobs among fresh graduates becomes a nightmare when the jobs are not forthcoming

Anticipating for jobs among fresh graduates becomes a nightmare when the jobs are not forthcoming

In my Senior Six I had many dreams on how to make money, not coins. In reality most of those ideas were dreams, just dreams.

After my last exam, which was fine Art Paper V, I pondered over what was awaiting me for long hours as my mum came late to pick me from school. The following morning I was the first to rise, before it could even clock 6:00am.

A few minutes after 6:00am I picked up my phone and started to call my friends asking them weather they had anything we could do. They had nothing. But I kept the faith. I believed that in a few days I would get what to do to start earning. Two months elapsed and I still had nothing to do, just staying at home, sleeping and watching movies.

Reality was starting to sink into my brain. I thought deeply about what to do and I could not see where the big money I dreamt of would come from. At home my mum was running a small business of selling ice cream. She would make the ice cream and supply different schools.

One morning I asked my mum if I could join her instead of staying home and eating her food. She put me in full charge of her ice cream business, from production to accounting.

But that is not what I had expected – but it is me who had asked for work so I had to do it.

The beginning felt tough. On a daily basis I had to pack different coolers of Ice cream, transport them to the schools, pick them later from the schools, then sit and balance the books. I got used to the routine and worked.

By the end of my vacation I had saved enough money to pay my university tuition fees for the first year. Have you ever thought of how we can solve the problem of unemployment in Uganda, especially among the youth? There are three basic things we can do:

One, Someone should do any kind of job that comes their way, no matter how much it pays at that time, instead of doing nothing. This applies not only to the less educated but also to graduates. This could be the route through which your dream job can find you, you never know!

Two, never undermine the job you are doing because this will lead to poor performance. When you are fired that is when you will realize how valuable that job was. Getting it back is nearly impossible. Remember you were fired because of poor performance.

Three, if you are to stand any chance of getting your dream job, you must set a firm foundation and keep focused. Mere dreams will take you nowhere, they will remain just that, mere dreams.





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