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‘Tough fights, ahead’

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‘Tough fights, ahead’


Many think some black magic can help bring some glittering assets to their tables

Many think some black magic can help bring some glittering assets to their tables

We are already in the second half of the year. Now, again, warn you against thinking small. Here, it is strictly making great men and women.

Having studied people for an incredibly great amount of time, I believe that all people, following what we write, have witnessed great changes in their lives. If you listen, you will never, again, go for the sleeping pills.

These words are a source of peace,and enduring happiness, if digested carefully, and persistently.  Fear is the worst of all enemies. It’s business now.

Your life will be shaped! Your work is to turn up, sitin the temple, with the Sunrise copy. Internalize these lines! Your life will never remain the same. Your life will change!

You must fight hard and rise! Greatness is not for all people. It takes wisdom,and enough power, to travel this earth. We are here for reasons.The word ‘illuminati’ has suffocated so many useful words.  Witch craft! And people are serious. They are looking for fame.

They think some black magic can help bring some glittering assets to their tables. He wants the dollars that Rupareliahas but he sees no way through, to the inert things. People are angry and desperate. Mind your business!

My friend, the genuine road to true greatness exists, and here it is always almost freely shown to you. Look no other way!The weapons are here. Fight! Men who were so thin, before the temple created itself, have now fattened. Why? Positive thinking!

I see more tough fights, aheadof us, that we are likely to engage in, there in the rugged battle field, if this world is to truly recognize our presence.

Your competitors perhaps ignored you in the beginning, remember. Now, see, you can bite. Definitely the market is now going to be shared.So many buyers are going to come, to take, with them, the very product they once ignored.Keep it up.

Treat the customer very well. A customer will not return to the shop of a shopkeeper who does not smile. Quarrel with me. I will new return to your grocery store. They are your employers. Treat customerswell!

This world of the 21st century cannot wait. Men sweat and cry, for years. ‘Enough is enough’. Get tired, and confront the man eater. God put man in charge of all creations, including money and fame, for a reason.

See, young men are now proud of the UPDF. The UPDF has lost a lot of battles. They are always yearning for more.

You cannot hit me down if your knuckles are not hard enough. The sack is there. Fill it with stony sand; hit it,again and again. You will be practicing and, no opponent shall remain standing when the time, for battling, comes.You can do what the world thought couldn’tbe done.

Thinmen win, and the whole world wonders. You wonder how Aloysius Bugingo managed to organize, and mobilize, believers so that they could accept and manage to buy an expensive piece of land just to be used for praying.

Think and nothing will be impossible. You will get there. Bugingo was squeezed, so hard, by his adversaries and forced to wander, with almost no destination in mind, from the theatre that had grownsmall and couldn’t accommodate the congregation that followed the inspirational talker.

As thin as he is, pastor Bugingo managed to do. You too can. Positive thinking is real. Surround yourself with the right people. Nash wonder, sank like a stone, because he thought he came to accompany business with self -centeredness. He was toppled.

Whoever refuses to fight, without stopping, is already out of business. Look, he never changes the way he does things. He talks a lot and never listens when his competitors threaten. He is full vanity and, while bare-chested, he struts and tells the world of his achievements.

This world sees, for it has eyes. It knows the best teachers. It knows you, when you decide to fight, incessantly, to rise up, despite the huge negative crowds urging you to give up.

This world awards winners. The world will give you room, if you show that you are willing to pass to the finishing line. Others won. Fight the hardest battles.

You will win, or lose. History books will write. “Who brought his name into history books, if he was not great?”apropagandist once asked me.

There are tough fights ahead, my friend! We know people who ignored us in the beginning and laughed, thinking that we were joking.

We were seen bringing the materials to use for the skyscraper to go up. People thought we would never do it. Now, the world is paying attention.

We knew this would happen! We saw enemies coming. We shall fight to the last man! We have the vigour to carry on, because we want something.

We are a poor country. No going to bed now!See, we must fight on! ‘Tough fights,ahead’.  We shall win!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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