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Kiprotich now needs us more than ever before

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Kiprotich now needs us more than ever before



Stephen Kiprotich needs our prayers

Stephen Kiprotich needs our prayers

Someone might now be asking himself what might have happened to former superstars like Kiprotich.

Thousands of people were left wondering and asking themselves what could have driven such a thin man into such incredible action four years ago. So the story went the Gaetano way and as usual, in front of crowds in London.

He, according to some thinkers and commentators, became a millionaire over night. I have always stood here and warned people against refusing to persistently pursue their dreams. A man who was flying very high, as we were busy praising him, to sink like a stone, finishing in 14th position is something that is astonishing.

See, Usain Bolt has won again and again and if he feels like coming back when Tokyo, Japan, comes, he will still get what he wants.

It is so painful, my friend, to go high and then, as if bewitched, you go down. Now Kiprotich needs our counseling. He needs us now, more than he perhaps needed us four years ago.

I told you. I told you, that this world congratulates you, so much, upon your success but the day you refuse to stand up, like a man, to fight for what you think is yours, this world is ruthless, it will turn huge stones, to hit you, to break your thigh bones so that on lookers look at you and laugh, at you.

People lifted Kiprotich into the air to praise him. The same people want to see him buried now. For us, to stand and refuse to fall, we do a lot of things. Last time, I wrote and people talked. Yes, those I wanted to listen listened.

I do all the things I do after calculating.  I calculate! There is no mistake that will appear here without me knowing about it. Now, someone will forever note our names in their note books.

Look, at me: several years ago I was so thin, with my rib cage so visible. I was so low and poor. Look at my picture, it looked so uninteresting and really my face was gaunt. Now sit and ask yourself what then happened for me to stand up here and on all those platforms, there, to accurately tell this world how to look for their share of riches.

We refused to listen to warnings from relatives and friends and hardened our hearts, and bodies, and went into the fields, of blood, to fight. No freedom easily comes! The world crushes, and it must, to kill, if you are among those who walk aimlessly.

You look and ask what happened to Kiprop, a marathoner on team Uganda. He ran and remained among the men in front ahead of the pack. He then fails to endure and goes off, totally, to give chance to those who were behind him.

He failed miserably, Kiprop failed because he didn’t believe that any other Ugandan, other than Kiprotich, could do what Kiprotich once managed to do.

So many people want things but they are perhaps waiting to see if others can carry on or again ,and again, do what the world fears to try.

You need to walk the talk and learn, by doing. You are on the touchline, perhaps commanding, but, see, those things done, inside there, are not so easy to do.  Risk and get involved.

They say great talkers are great liars. That, alone, is about to become inapplicable in the 21st century. Pastors talk and get respectable sums of money. You will find out, yourself, if really great talkers are great liars.

There is now no time for waiting. I thought and discovered that there is nothing that can now stop me from revealing all the secrets I have, to you. Of course those with no appetite to read must miss a lot. I am down; underground, investigating a lot, so never get surprised if you one day read what you have never thought of seeing in any newspaper around.

Because I must risk, I will not leave any stone unturned. This is why someone likes to pay, for wisdom. Wisdom must be sweet. Wisdom must be ready to encourage, for others to move on. No fear in my heart.

The struggle is my life! There is a reason why you are still in the race. If you have ever felt the joy of winning a golden medal, now fight on. Fight and never give up. Do not think of embarrassing yourself by leaving Kipchoge, a Kenyan, beat you.

You were created to do some things, at a certain time.  There where you are, right now. Do not fear them, after all He who caught clay and made them is the one who struggled and made you too. Now, get involved and do something unusual. You will get there.

We cannot stop, until it happens. We are ready, and we shall, therefore, risk, so much, now, and for evermore.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer; An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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