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Morin Deceives Sam…

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Morin Deceives Sam…


Friends, I left most of you yearning for more. Thank you very much for that.

A reminder: these are true stories as told to me by women prison inmates that informed my research for a play on domestic violence.

she pulled some papers and gave them to him. He looked at them, then broke into tears. Sum pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the tears.

I got concerned. I wanted to go and attack Morin, but I saw it was silly because there were many people who would have seen the commotion. I picked my phone and called Sum. He looked at his phone, put it into busy mode and then put it back into his pocket. I called again; this time he switched it off.

Earlier, Sum had called me to go to the shop to take me for lunch. But now he was switching his phone off, little knowing that I was watching him. I made up my mind and went back home. He never called back.

I stayed home trying to reflect on what Morin had actually told Sum that led him to shed tears. Was she threatening to have him arrested for defilement because I was still a young girl of 17years? Was uncle seriously on her to look for me? Was Sum crying now because he was going to lose me? I failed to add up.

All these thoughts ran in my mind as I sat in our sofa before sleep overtook me. It was my mother-in-law who woke me up. She was staying near our home. Sum had build his house on his late father’s land. My mother-in-law had two children; Sum and Mary.

Mary was in London for kyeyo. My in-law never wanted me to do any job when I got pregnant. I was like a princess to her. I had told her earlier that Sum had invited me for lunch so she wanted to know whether we were done with it. I told her that I was so tired from hospital and decided to come back home. She went and brought me lunch immediately. But I failed to eat. She tried to make me eat but I pretended sick.

That evening Sum came back very early. When I heard the sound of his car, I got excited, but I can’t tell you whether I was happy or sad. I managed to open the garage door for him. He came out, gave me the polythene bag, and without saying a single word, he continued straight to the guest room and locked himself inside.

I could hear him sobbing. I totally got confused. I wanted to call his mother but I first wanted to know what Morin had told him. And I feared to tell him that I saw him with her. I used all the tactics of a woman to talk a man, but Sum refused to open the door. I sat there by the door and started crying. I made it worse, Sum started crying loud saying, “Lwakinze?” (Why me?). I continued to beg him to open in vain.

I looked at the clock and it was past 3a.m. I told him,‘Sum,you are not only my husband but the father to the baby I’m carrying. I’m going out to call your mother; whatever happens to me on my way to her home, you shall be responsible’.

When he heard me opening the door. He opened and stopped me from going. My man looked tired and hungry. I tried to hold him but it was not my usual happy Sum. I helped him to the bedroom, and tried to remove his clothes so that he could take a bath, but he refused. He fell on the bed and in no time was snoring. I tried to check for the papers Morin gave him but couldn’t find them. What was really in these papers really?

For the next two days, Sum didn’t go for work, and he was not eating.When his mother came, he pretended as if everything was normal. His mom never suspected anything.

On the third day, I was going to break the news to his mother when he called her on the phone. As we sat in the living room, very silent, Sum broke the silence; ‘Maama, that is my wife and she is carrying my baby……………When I die that baby will be my heir whether a girl or boy………….. Never mind………..Maama, never chase my wife away from this house; let her look after my child until he or she is old enough to take his/her property…………… And please…my wife,never sell my child’s property’.

He finished talking to his mother on the phone, while crying uncontrollably. My mother-in-law and I got confused. What had gone wrong with Sum? At least I had some clue but what about Mom.

And I thought it was about arresting him, but now he is talking of death. Mom tried to talk to her son to tell her what had happened, but Sum kept quiet and left us in the living room. Mother started crying, too. The whole situation became too big for me. Later, mother decided to leave but pleaded with me to find out the problem.

That evening, Sum sent me to the shop to collect money from the attendant. He also gave me the key to the safe to bring even the money that was in it.
As I collected the safe money, I saw two papers. When I closely looked at them, they were death certificates for my late Daddy and Mommy.They had died of AIDS. These forms were with my uncle. These must be the papers I saw Morin giving Sum; but why?!

Next week,we continue with this true story from a prison inmate.

God bless you all.



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