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‘No struggle, no Progress’

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‘No struggle, no Progress’




You know, or refusing to clench fists, tofight when told. There is a reason why people break into people’s houses. You say corruption, here, is widespread, but, go behind the scenes, you will know why Trump will never send his money to Africa if he becomes president in the US.

Who knew that the Republican Party would ever nominate such a ruthless candidate? People thesedays do not knock at the door politely. They now bang it ruthlessly and break through and there they find what they want.

“Whether you think you will or not, you are right,” awise and indeed respected man once said. You want someone to shut up but he may not because there, is the well where he draws water, life givingwater.So, he may not close down soon.

In politics anything is possible. The Bongo dynasty in Gabon, has ruled Gabon with an iron fist for so many years, and, still, they are still clinging on and just the other day, we saw a level of rigging that we may never see in the early 21st century again.

Theyear is seriously moving on, and we must, too, soldier on. We refused! we shall never listen to those words that people say. They said we wouldn’t. Now we are here and, indeed,now the world is listening.

You cannot throw down a man or woman who is determined.My friend, stand up, again, and run ahead and save your children and the children’s children. We are here on earth as visitors and one day all of us, who obeyed and followed His rules, will one day enter into paradise to enjoy more life, there.

We shall, therefore, one day be put underneath, and it will be the end of our days on earth. “I will not die an ordinary man,” I used to say to myself during the days when I was really poor. I said I would one day go out there, into the pulpit, to say to a people that no one could stop them from succeeding.

Do not say prayers to curse to curse your enemies. Let them livethat they may see what you maybe able to achieve in those days that are about to come. We are not sitting, here. We are doing everything we can so that you can see every word that a serious dreamer needs to know.

We shall fight and fight and this paper will be able to talk sensefor evermore. A country grows because of the words it hears.

You are blessed. So many people, who are rich today, took the hardest paths. Itis the reason they rarely give away their money. I looked, always, into the dailies,here, and never did they say any wordthat could lift me up.

The rooms we were in were so dark and man, we had to fight hard to escape. The world needed me. I ran, into the other world’ full of ambitious but struggling men and women.

Do not lose hope. Move on. Wishing and wishing cannotmake you anything. The world, today, is up, and these people I see here, in it, will not allow anyone to go there ahead of them.

We are educated and indeed want to be kind but see, my adversary does not want to stop fighting. He wants all the time to elbow me.  He fights!

Let him go on, for perhaps it’s what keeps him in the market but, see, we know how to fight and no one who fights, to knock us down must go away not bleeding. I am goingon. I want to see you laughing. Look at that beauty that the world manufactures.

When do you think they do that? They believe it’s what they must do. They have families they must care for. They look and see relatives, putting pressure on them. Every one cries, and he is saying “Sekka Bagenda, come along, we need you here.”

Men say but this one, who said, “No pressure, no diamonds” was so great and let him now rest in peace.

Those men perhaps had no tools but they spoke and changed us. Do not lose hope. You must get there. You are going to succeed. I do not care. I do not mind. Let the doubting Thomases doubt but I know: I listened in the days I was down, and a certain word saved me.

Listen and you will be saved too. Pray! prayers worked for Bugingo and me here.  Pray, and pray. Pray, hard, with your feet too. I wish you success. I am responsible for what might happen after I say to you these words. Something great must happen! No struggle, no progress. I made it. You too can. Stick around.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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