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Baby Toi is snared by moneyed man


Baby Toi is snared by moneyed man

Illustration by Majid Bukenya

Illustration by Majid Bukenya

When I met Janat, she was joyful and talkative. She had even agreed to show her picture. This is her story:

“I was born in 19… eeee haaa, I have told you my age pals. My Father is Haji Musa and my mother is Hajat Namale. I went to school up to S6 before I joined this University.” She laughed as she meant that, it is the University of Imprisonment.

“I had just finished S6 when I met Seeka. He came into my life and showed me real love and money. I had not seen such life before. He was, and still is, working with the ministry of Finance. He took me to places. He never told me that he was married. But that did not bother me because we were both Muslims.

“The results for the exams were released and I had scored 23 points, and I was sure for a professional course, preferably Law or B.Com. That was towards the end of January. The, I discovered that I was pregnant. I feared to tell my parents though I knew that by the beginning of my first year at the university, I would have delivered my baby already.

“I talked to my sweetheart, Seeka, to get a house for me so that I leave my parents’ house for the time being. He unexpectedly agreed and rented a house for me in Kawempe. He furnished it and, according to the standards, it was nice. It had inside flush toilets and ventilated ones outside.

“I entered my house and I never told my parents. But my sweetheart would not sleep at our home. I tried on many occasions to inquire from him, why? But he never answered me. Because I loved him very much, and as I was pregnant, I decided one day to follow him to where he stays. I was surprised to find out that he was a married man with a well established family. I was eight months’ pregnant. I felt so bad, but being a girl from a strong Muslim background, I took it all to heart.

“Seeka continued to come home at 6.00 pm and leave by 10.00 pm. He would always leave me crying. One day, I decided to go and ask my co-wife to allow our husband at least one day to sleep at my home. I was just going to surprised Seeka. He didn’t know that I had found out that he is a family man.

“I will never forget that day. I woke up early, prepared myself and went to meet my co-wife. Having come from a polygamous Moslem family I never gave it a second thought. I saw it normal, moreover, the love I had for Seeka was just killing me.

“Hajj Abaasi, obimanyi ebyolubuto nga lwayagade omusajja,” she continued to lament.

I told you friends, in prison they call me, Abaasi, because they watch ‘Ssuubi’ on Bukedde TV.
Wait for the drama at Sseeka’s home when Janat “Baby Toi” meets her co-wife. her story.
Allah bless u all.



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