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‘Words, will finally matter’


‘Words, will finally matter’



Man can easily take you for granted, to waste, than other people in your country.  Fine, a lot will be said and people, who are quick to say, will say, but I do not mind.

For us it is only one thing. Let all people be treated like human beings. We live in a country where God gets pleased that He sometimes sends rain to enable us grow our crops. I hate it when a white man comes here and villagers, especially small children, gather to look at them.

We are a poor country and for us, here, are saying let everybody be responsible. I am playing my part. This newspaper is trying. Get angry and throw huge stones into our path but, we shall go on. God has internal reasons and He is now with us delivering to me all the words that I must say to His people.

Everything happens in its own time. Why drive out a person who is determined to cling on? This world is older than you. Do not refuse when I say I must do it. In fact, these leaders of today are not the most difficult we have ever dealt with.

You refuse to accept that death can   grab you easily from here. You will see a certain miracle similar to that one that Jesus performed.

Our words will matter, and they have started! We shall remain determined to change minds.

It is believed that this country is full of rich men and women. These are not the people I came to wake up. No, I am here for you men or young women who believe you must be somewhere in life.

Look, you went to school. You passed with flying colours and now are stepped on by those that you believe came from very back ward parts of this world.

My friend, success may not sometimes come because of the powerful schools we attended. You need to decide now. People will always go high. Whether you like it or not, the world will accept to release people to go, to see, and obtain, what really belongs to them.

I fear whenever I engage in time wasting. I feel guilty in my heart when I tell lies to those I like. I do not want to come and tell you and promise you success which perhaps never exists.

I dislike it when politicians stand up and brag that they were elected to exploit the people.   I will fight. I will use all the ink in my pens as long as I still look and see people with seen rib cages and faces that are thinner than what mine was some years ago.

People go to bed hungry. In fact people here know it that leaders are not caring. But they have no say. I am going to talk for someone. I am going to help someone out of the jaws of ‘Nobodinesss’, and poverty. I cannot keep quiet.

A minister will refuse to listen to us but let me tell you: he will lose.  These people didn’t make us and, even if they want, they may never see us, even our photos are very far, because we are more powerful than them.

Someone will listen. And they will get up, to do something about the poverty here. The large scale corruption is going to be fought by the people who had ignored it, in the beginning.

Stop fighting among yourselves and go back, and work. You are in the capital but, your people, are very ordinary. People, there, gave you their vote.  What are you doing in the air conditioned offices there?

Go back and listen to the views of the people who gave power. A person who steps on others, to succeed, cannot see enduring success. It is common among us. This explains why rural areas are full of people who were, twenty years ago, powerful in this country.

See, and look far. I was so down and undermined by people, including my relatives. No one believed me when I said I would be popular and powerful.

In fact so many people, including one of closest relatives, said what I thought about what impossible. I knew I would make it because I had started believing that enough is enough.

Someone, perhaps in the government, might be ignoring us but, wait:  let him not cry, wanting to kneel before me, begging me to leave him alone, when some words, here, start doing the job they are supposed.

Let them go to work, and work for people. Do something. The other day, I bought new batteries for my calculator and I am seriously calculating. Stand warned, wherever you are. Words will finally matter.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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