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Zziwa strikes back with “JOBLESS MILLIONAIRES”


Zziwa strikes back with “JOBLESS MILLIONAIRES”

Playwrite Zziwa displays his award

Zziwa displays his award

He is the brain behind Wako the movie and the Director Man in the Hole a movie that will be screened on 25th November at the National Theatre in Kampala.

His name is Zziwa Aaron one of Uganda’s unsung film makers who is working on yet another short film project “JOBLESS MILLIONAIRES 2017”.

His maiden show Man in the Hole is set to raise support for a social, communal project with the aim of transforming livelihoods addressing youth unemployment in Kampala.

Zziwa explained to The Sunrise that in the modern world film is a paramount tool as regards changing societies.


Synopsis: Jobless millionaires suggests that Uganda is one of the most populated countries with the biggest number being  youths, its city Kampala has a big number of unemployed young people who call themselves Jobless Millionaires.

“It will be an honor to have partners on this project so  as we finalize the Production of the movie, we only need Production support because we have already done the Pre- production and we have expatriates among us also for post-production” says Aaron Zziwa

Zziwa believes that the most fascinating, entertaining  films most people watch in Uganda come from USA, Europe and Asia  and he therefore believes its now time for Ugandans to watch a  purely African made  story invented by “You” and supported by “You “.


Zziwa Aaron

Director/Writer?producer ,.Is director who likes to bring pure  stories to life ,and is AMAA nominee (AFRICA MOVIE ACADEMY AWARDS) and has done on films such as WAKO, Jobless millionaires will be his epic movie of his career.

Eric Wamasebu -Cinematographer

Trevor Hiire-Editor

Roy Cwinytado- Assistant Director

Sound -Mutebi Shalif

Music -Edward Guglielmino and Oleg Fayhner

Producer-Zziwa Aaron Alone

Zziwa seeks Ugandans and film lovers to  stand with him and support this project .   “With your support in bringing this story to life   visit” Aron Zziwa







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