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It’s healthy and Ok for women to work alongside men


It’s healthy and Ok for women to work alongside men


In todays world man and woman have to wake up and go to work

In todays world man and woman have to wake up and go to work

Traditionally a woman’s office and parliament was the kitchen. It is no longer the case. In the industrial, Para -industrial and ultra industrial communities both man and woman have to wake up in the morning and leave home for work.

They have got a joint responsibility of looking for bread and fending for the family.  Though some traditionalists are still opposed to this new arrangement, there are evidently more reasons as to why women should work than stay home.

Financial independence can be one of the most important variables that influence the quality of a woman’s life. It is liberating for her to make money and spend it how she pleases, without having to ask anyone for it.

In the same line she gets a chance to learn since learning is one of the key elements to personal and professional growth and life, and sets the limit to what you can dream, achieve and think. Her general knowledge improves just by being part of a world out of the four walls; you observe, listen and can comprehend a lot more.

When a woman works she also creates employment for others. In working outside the home she creates employment for other women by hiring a cook, cleaner, nanny and so on to help manage her household. These working women also get to improve their financial standing. In my own understanding she helps the economy.

She is a positive contributor to the economy and with control over what she can buy, she is someone businesses want to woo. She pumps money into the economy and boosts money circulation.

A working woman is a role model to young people in the community. If you asked young people about who their role models are you are likely to discover many of their role models are everyday working women who are trying and striving to make it work every single day.

She can inspire someone somewhere just by being a live example of “it is possible, you can do it”.  Other than being a good role model, she has a lot to share about what it takes to succeed in the world. She can teach the family the value of independence and inter-dependence.

Contrary to the belief that working women can’t have a happy married life because they juggle between family and profession, recent studies have shown that dual earner couples have the highest marital satisfaction and quality. When you have something to focus on except your home and husband, the chances of your marriage is likely to flourish more.

If you bring some extra money home, your partner will feel lees financial pressure, allowing him to be more relaxed. In case of stay at home women, they don’t have anything to focus on expect family and husband. Their husband may feel suffocated with this extra concern at times, leading to tension in relationship.

Generally working gives a woman a better sense of purpose and builds stronger social connections.  It helps a woman have an identity of her own and she can support her family financially.  These among other benefits draw a conclusion that women should go to the public arena and work alongside men.





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