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Warning! The following will ruin your festive season

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Warning! The following will ruin your festive season


Kifeesi Suspect recently arrested by Police (File Photo)

The New Year and Christmas is supposed to be fun, here are some suggestions to help take the frustration out of the festive season.

Besides the vendors who will cheat on you and the Taxi that will hike travel fares we are looking at some unsung fiddlers who will ruin your festive season.


One day when I get a chance to see God ill let him know that most of the Ugandan pastors are more dangerous than sorcerers. They will always steal from their folks in the name offend of year Blessings , Tithe, pastor’s fuel, church fee, crusade money, wealth seed and all they do is to continue twisting the names of unclear contribution.

These deceitful men of God are greedy that they even fight for venues meant for end of year prayer festivals.

The 31st of December is the day when pastors tend to drain their baits that they circulate envelopes, advertise in several media platforms to catch up with numbers.

Christians Praying in a stadium (online photo)

Iam not suggesting that all are bad but as you close your eyes to tithe your million shillings, be aware that in January you have to pay school fees, rent and the economy is seemingly limping.


According to Uganda police crime intelligence, the biggest criminal gang in Kampala is called Kifesi though similar to them are the Kasolo Boys in Kawempe, ECOMOG , NATO ,Tunnel snakes among others.

I swear to you these are more dangerous than malaria for the fact that they can put someone to pain for just a mere cell-phone.

A friend commented that these young men didn’t have any opportunity of proper upbringing in their childhood that they are born and bred under rouge lifestyle.

So for anyone planning for a street selfie or walking on Kampala streets late in the night , count your lovely gadget history and perhaps prepare for some slaps (if not a nife).



The festive season may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean everyone is having a good time. In fact, research shows that most people report high levels of stress during this time of year.

Much of that can be attributed to the commercialism, financial pressures and family conflicts that can prevent us from enjoying the holiday season. “Sala puleesa”  They are just days that will go.



Feeling obliged to attend a variety of events and socialize with people you may not even like or perhaps you find yourself becoming a referee between family members who just don’t get along!

The solution here is to create a social calendar. Choose and decline festivities based on your preferences, and space out the social gatherings so they are manageable. It is okay to say “no” if you are feeling over extended and suggest a post holiday party instead.

Cartoon:Sourced online

Unresolved family conflict does complicate the holidays so if possible make a pact ahead of time for a peaceful event or use distractions such as games or singing carols to keep the mood playful and festive.

Social Media

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen (via BBC) say looking at other people’s “perfect” Christmas photos will make you feel miserable.

The study of over 1,000 mostly women found: “Regular use of social networking such as Facebook can negatively affect your emotional well-being and satisfaction with life.”

The researchers put this down to envy caused by “unrealistic social comparisons” with those they follow on social media.

The researchers suggest switching off from social media over the festive season to avoid the boasts.

Another solution suggested by the study would be to engage in conversation with those posters for a more positive experience.

Happy Festive Season





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