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Drama in a Dream: Seeka Finds Baby Toi in his home uninvited


Drama in a Dream: Seeka Finds Baby Toi in his home uninvited

Baby Toi’s continued story a Rahma’s home as Seeka finally returns from work.

“When I heard the sound of his car, I started panicking and sweating. But Rahma calmed me down. She went and opened the garage door. Rahma had no house maid. I tried to remain calm but failed. I was only thinking of that moment with Seeka and Rahma.

“They spent sometime in their bed room before coming to the living room where I was. Their garage is on the side of the master bed room. Rahma had organized a plan earlier, that as soon as he settles on the dining table, I would serve supper. I cooked the very food that he likes most when he comes to my place: that’s lumonde and groundnuts stew mixed with dry fish. Rahma bought everything. She was too good to be really good; I thought she was planning something fishy. Sometimes, I feared her and became very cautious. Meanwhile, our drama continued.

“After something like 25 minutes, Rahma came almost running to where I was. She told me that Seeka was coming for prayers; that I go into the kitchen, and as soon as he starts praying (Swalla), I also start serving the food.”

At this point I saw tears in Baby Toi’s eyes gathering (ebiyengeyenge). I asked her why she was crying.

She said:

Omanyi, Hajj Abaasi, nsaba nnyo Allha awe Rahma kyayagala. Because she did all this to protect me, she knew Seeka would never leave his Swalla to attack me, if he had to. And by the end of the Swalla he would have cooled a bit.

“The dining place was at a point where Seeka would clearly see me as I would be moving in the kitchen while preparing the supper and as he was in his prayers. I moved into the kitchen. Seeka dressed in an Islamic tunic entered the room. He did not see me in the kitchen, yet. He thanked his wife for the juice. She had earlier taken the juice to him. He went near her and they kissed. They looked so intimate, I felt jealous and thought Rahma wanted to punish me this way. Seeka went and started praying.

“Rahma ran to me in the kitchen and because she knew I would be devastated by their having kissed, she said; ‘Sorry for that’, and ordered me to start carrying food to the dining.

“I really don’t know whether Seeka ever fullfiled that Swalla though he continued praying. ‘Allha ansonyiwe bambi okutaataganya omuddu we nga Ali mu swalla’.

At this point BabyToi laughed uncontrollably.

“I saw him panicking in Swalla but he could do nothing. He even forgot to add another Sullah after Alfatiha in the first Rakha. It was so funny Hajj Abaasi.”

“Immediately after prayers, I went knelt down said salaam to him and continued to greet him. He answered the greeting, but I could see the difficult time he was facing. It was Rahma who broke the tension a bit. She called us to join her at the dining table.

We sat at the table, very tense, again. Rahma had warned me never to avoid his eyes. I looked straight into his face; he kept on avoiding looking into mine. I was now enjoying the whole of it.

“We remained silent. Rahma requested me to pour water for Seeka as he washed his hands. I saw that he could not believe and understand what was happening. It was drama in a dream. We started eating very silently. Seeka decided to eat as if nothing was wrong. As we finished dining, Seeka thanked Rahma for the food well Cooked.

“Rahma turned him down and said, ‘Omugenyi yafumbye, munange’. Seeka never thanked me. You could see he was very angry.

“Then, Rhama started, ‘Our husband, Bambi, that girl is still young and pregnant with our baby. We’ve been together for six years and Allha has not blessed us with any. Why should we make that one suffer? She came to me and wanted that you start sleeping at her’s, at least for a night. But I request that, for the sake of Allha, you legalize the marriage with her (muwowe), and start acting equally as you fulfill the marriage obligations.  We are Moslems, my husband’.

“Hajj Abaasi, I could not believe this woman; she kept on surprising me. I was now waiting for Seeka’s response….”

Wait for the fourth part of Baby Toi’s story. I thank you again for reading this piece, Allah bless all.



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