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Is love more important than Oxygen?


Is love more important than Oxygen?


Love in the air

Love in the air

A marvelous 75 yearlong study which was conducted by a group of Harvard researchers has shown that love is really all that matters. The participants’ lifelong experiences revealed that happiness and life fulfillment revolved around love or simply searching for love.

This is not any different from the belief that Mother Theresa of Calcutta shared with the world when she said that loneliness and the feeling of being uncared for. It is clear that people take love to be a very important thing. But in my own opinion, I think love is more important.

That’s my opinion anyway.  The legendary belief still rocks where there is love, there is always away. People wake up in the morning to go for work. They work to make ends meet and ultimately win people’s love. Perhaps we don’t work for money, we work to win love.

Did you know that attachment plus caring plus intimacy equals to perfect love?  The triangular theory of love suggests a clear formula for the components of different kinds of love. There are three kinds of love that are a product of two different pairs of basic components.

Romantic love equals to passion plus intimacy. Companionate love equals to intimacy plus commitment, and fatuous love equals to passion plus commitment.  Of course the truest and strongest of all is consummate love, which consists of all three components.

Did you know that thinking of love and sex influences creativity and concrete thinking respectively? Research based on the construal level theory found out that reminders of love influence more abstract and creative thinking because they are associated with more distant and abstract considerations- long term relationships, devotion, commitment and intimacy.

Reminders of sex trigger concrete thinking, making a person focus more on momentary details than on long term plans or goals. If you want to be creative and perhaps come up with the greatest innovations in the world you have got to think about love and sex.

Another thing we should be cautious about love is looking into people’s eyes. Actually looking into each others’ eyes can make strangers fall in love. The eyes are the mirrors of our souls. Therefore there is probably no surprise that simply looking into each others’ eyes can make us fall for each other, even if we don’t know much about each other.

It has been proven that when someone is gazing at you, the person’s body produces a chemical called phenyl ethylamine, which is associated with the fight or flight response.  So if you decide to continue looking at each other, you are asking for cupid’s arrow.



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