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James has Failed to Have Sex with Me: I’m so Dry


James has Failed to Have Sex with Me: I’m so Dry




check out on the The Sunrise website. We ended where James received a call that Reagan had taken poison.

“Hajji Ashraf, when James finished the call he looked straight into his mom’s eyes and gave her the very bad news that Reagan had taken poison. Our meeting stopped. We dressed up and jumped into James’ car and rushed to the hostel. Mummy followed us.

“James’ phone rang again; he gave it to me to speak to the caller. He gave me the bad news that Reagan was actually dead and that they were at Mulago Hospital. I told James the bad news but still requested him to drive straight to Mulago; that they had taken Reagan there. Mummy continued to follow us.

“We were very quite until James broke the silence and addressed me; ‘Cathy, I’m very sorry. All this is my fault. I didn’t know that this boy was so passionate about staying with me’. I did not answer him.

“When we got to Mulago, I got out of the car, I went straight to Mummy who was just behind us and I broke the bad news to her that Reagan was dead. I requested James to calm down so that we handle Mummy, first. I asked Mummy who was in tears now to wait in the car as we tried to find out where Reagan’s body was; I actually realized that we had even made a mistake to allow Mummy to drive her car in that state.

“When I looked James had already gone. I followed him. As I was looking for him, he called me on phone and told me to drive Mummy to her home as he organized to bring the body. I went to where Mummy was and requested for her car keys.

“She was calm. She only asked me one question calling my name that; ‘Cathy, why should Reagan do this to me?’ I felt a pinch in my heart but managed to drive her home.

“At home, we found Mzee and the rest already aware of what had happened. James had called them; even the neighborhood had started gathering. It was now past 4.00 a.m.

“In the morning, Reagan’s body was brought home; and we buried him the following day. The rumour was that he never wanted to stay in the hostel. That: ‘ne kyeejo yalina kinji’. The Police investigations continued and have never been concluded.

“Time passed and James stayed at his parents for over two months in the guise that he was giving them counsel for the loss of their son, Reagan. But he would always come home first, in the morning, before leaving for work. It was after the intervention of his father that he came home.

“Meanwhile, I had managed to stealthily got him hear that the doctor had already found out that the semen in my urine was not his. I had concluded that Reagan raped me. When he came back I was worried that he was going to touch me.

“Hajji Ashraf, James never touched me. I felt good because I was buying time as the doctor was doing his six months’ tests. After the six months, it was confirmed that I was HIV-negative. With all the happiness I was determined to start enjoying my marriage and make my husband happy. All that time we were sleeping in the same bed but James never touched me. He never changed his behaviour outside bed. He was ever playful; always back home early and bringing me gifts We had forgotten everything about Reagan.”

“One day I was very seductive and put him in mood; and he really was. When we went to bed, Hajji, I was real hot and as powerful as a Russian tank. Just imagine the six months without sex. But when I touched my husband he never responded. He went on to get a condom. He was laughing.

“He drew his side-bed drawer and picked out a note. It was written by Reagan. ‘Brother James, Dad and Mummy, I’m so sorry for what I’m about to do but I feel ashamed and I have betrayed the trust you had in me. I had sex with Cathy, James’ wife and regrettably I’m HIV-positive. Please, Cathy, I’m very sorry for that act and find space in your heart to forgive me for you have been so good to me. Bye’. The note ended. The medical form showing his HIV status was also attached.

“Hajji Ashraf, I read the note and got confused. I could not even cry, because the note showed as if I willingly had sex with Reagan. I tried to explain all that had happened but James never answered me, even a single word.

“We are now finishing the third year. Outside the bedroom, James has never changed; he is very friendly and good-natured. We are always the example in our church, he attends Holly communion always. It is so ironical that when married people of our church get miss understandings, the Reverend Father refers them to us. And they always go very happy; we even receive gifts from them.

“Our children are also happy. But the matters of the bedroom make me cry. When I try to talk about it, James keeps quite. I have tried to force him but he fails to function. I’m dying silently. I fear his parents because they will not believe that I didn’t do it willingly with Reagan. And I love my marriage but it is so dry.

“Hajj Ashraf, I have been reading your stories and felt that your followers might help me.”

Cathy ended her story while crying!

Allah bless you all.





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