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‘Message from the protester’


‘Message from the protester’


Chief Protester Dr. Kizza Besigye

Chief Protester Dr. Kizza Besigye

We want to, settle again and concentrate on other issues, here in our country, but we may not completely look away and ignore what recently happened in the most powerful nation on earth. They elected a man and he is now reminding us of what the dictators of the past did.

The handlers of presidents there in the US will definitely find a very hard time while ordering Donald Trump around. The manknows it, deep in him, that it’s only the ruthless who grab what is so attracting in this world.

The struggle becomes hard sometimes as those who think they must imprison minds of determined men like us do whatever they can to silence us. I cannot keep quiet.

Thank you editor. Here is a paper that now says, that, everyone must go ahead, because they possess the right that Rupareria had.

A newspaper must be authoritative and bold. Then we shall line up to pay for its saleable lines. Besigye again failed to rise to the step he has always yearned to sit on. President Museveni is still ruling.

Last year, we completely accepted that barking dogs seldom bite. Make a population very poor and freedom fighters and activists, plus Raila Odinga, even if they are in their thousands, will never manage to topple you from office. This is a fact and all leaders in this world,including Besigye, know it.

The president of this country is a teacher of politics and you, young men, who think you might one day be leaders, learn from him.

I was taught this several years by about three wise Americans. A leader who believes what he does is right does not mind even if he is slandered. He does only one thing and that is leading. This man leading here indeed sat in the same class room that I sat in.

Look around. Is there any known politician, here, who is in prison today?If your adversary ignores you to the extent of leaving your ankles free from chainsthen just know that you are stilla lot of miles from where he is.

They looked so near indeed while still amateur politicians at Makerere University.

Do we have opposition politicians here?

See the rate at which those, we thought to be so opposite, are defecting to the ruling government. One cannot think to save or fight, for others, if he is poor.

See the number of those who were vocal and against Museveni. Where are they now? Do not be surprised because see: they grew up in poverty and any coin thrownin front of them cannot remain unpicked.

The protester is here, he goes in the street to fight. His heart is heavy and he feels it, in the heart,that leaders have disappointed him. A protester selling cheap commodities in Tunisiaburns himself. We see a revolution.

You people here are not honest. I heard you shouting throughout 2015. You wanted something. Now, people are starving across the country.You do not care.Perhaps somewhere, as we approach 2021, someone will walk to work again.

There is poverty here and people are feeling it. Protesters are mostly tired people. They have children to take toschool, and to take care of. To make this thing called money, most Ugandans sweat hard. They suffer.

Do not shoot or tear gas them. Remember you were also once in such situations. Before your belly grew so big, you too lacked what to eat.

You knew the price of sugar then. You knew the fare from where you are to theplace where you always went, to sit on verandahs waiting for begged coins to take home.  Now see the high performance car you are being driven in.

Before your time came,you also prayed for the day thatgovernment you hated would relinquish power. Do not refuse to care, because you too are Africans. You know what it means to study from kindergarten to the Harvard of Africa.

These parents here are not so rich, but they manage to educate the kid that you see in a powerful school somewhere. They suffer and sweat, day and night. Perhaps their muscles are thin. They would have taken to the streets to protest.

They are ignoring something. They know our country should not become Libya or Somalia, or Iraq. They have kept quiet, but they see. Allow me, gentleman, to speak for them. They are having a message to deliver to you: do something for them.

He is approaching 30 and he is out of school. Pressure! Someone is crying! “Parentspumped money in us,” they say, while feeling the pain and groaning.  The ageing man, the parent, wants to be compensated.

The other one is approaching 40 years. He is unmarried. He thinks he must be a responsible parent. He may never bear children, because he thinks no child, created, mustsuffer.

The protester is not your enemy. He just wants to enjoy a better life, which he thinks you can provide because, he voted you to that office. The protester wants to see you acting on your promises. Be honest just and, we shall stop protesting. You said it. Do it Mister Minister.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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