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Using fame to reach out to the needy


Using fame to reach out to the needy

“Musician Muserebende gives hope to vulnerable children”

Children dance to music during the occassion

Children dance to music during the occassion

Music is everywhere. If it’s not on the Radio at home, on television – or even in the background of our favourite soap operas! There is no escaping it.

Hytham Ssali Muserebende who is one of the Ugandan well known live music performers,   believes that instead of enjoying ticket money from shows, with music all around us, it seems only natural to use people’s love of music to do a little more.

Muserebende has therefore resorted to using his fame to reach out to young vulnerable children as well as to philanthropists to lift vulnerable children from the abyss of poverty and destitution.

Muserebembe established a foundation, named after him with the objective of providing support to vulnerable children suffering from HIV/AIDS as well as those who are disadvantaged children.

His efforts have yielded fruits by helping to offer free education through bursaries to some 47 HIV orphans at his HillTop Primary School located at Mbikko along the Kampala-Jinja highway.  And besides the support to HIV kids, Muserebende also supports over 60 needy children.

Apart from free education to the vulnerable education, Ssali claims that the foundation also offers Anti-Retroviral Drugs ARV’s to HIV positive orphans in Tongolo orphanage in Nyenga district were 10 out of the 60 orphans are HIV positive. He adds that they provide sanitary pads to adolescent girls, besides teaching them how to saw reusable ones.

Muserebende with some of the people he supports

Muserebende with some of the vulnerable children

And now, in conjunction with Super Woman Gala, they have started a campaign called Super Woman which is aimed at encouraging and empowering girls to express themselves as an avenue to realize their inherent human rights.

The superwoman campaign will run under the theme: “The woman I want to be,” will provide a platform for girls to share ideas, challenges, dreams and testimonies, letters and field interviews and be able to get immediate solutions from expert counselors.”

Currently the S.J. Global Investments and NRM Diaspora League with the help of Patrick Asiimwe have pledged to work with Muserebende Hytham Foundation to work on golden campaigns that are aimed at bringing a smile on the under-privileged children.



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