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Words of the oppressor


Words of the oppressor


The Oppressor

The Oppressor

The struggle continues. Now, he never stops to mesmerize me. Now news papers that were about to be boycotted by those who frequent the market place, will once again become relevant.

Trump says you are dishonest and that you are determined to destroy him. He was elected, and we cannot take away that.

It is a period of making money. The holy book says, he who slanderswill also be slandered. Steal from others and one day someone will also steal from you. Trump perhaps deserves it. So let the actors continue. Thecurtain is up. Who wins this? We shall see.

I fight a lot and I have fought wars in my life but I have known one thing: it is not so easy to fight against a man who knows how to hold a pen and you win them.

We saw Donald Trump directing dirty words at the media. We waited, and predicted his victory. Now something must happen. I began, as if joking, and said to myself that I, one day, would see this world turn around because of my words.

A lot of people didn’t believe me. My relatives said this is real time I wanted to waste. Connected men and women looked away. I moved on.

Editors that today genuflect before me once chased me away from newsrooms. I have the right of telling you that you will make it. See, I began with nothing. Friends said I had no power that would drive me to people who mattered in this world.

You know poverty pains and this now, drives people into things they may never have wanted to get involved in. The hit maker, in the music industry, recently came out and told the world that he was ready to change his ways so that he turns to the almighty.

We didn’t want, and he too never wanted to join the illuminati movement. Fight for the neglected and the poor. Until when something happens to you, perhaps you may never come out to talk like me.

I was once extremely poor. I often moved from one place to another, looking for peace and almost found none. I was about to give up. In me a voice spoke to me, warning me against giving up.

I raised myself up and dusted myself up and continued walking along to this destination, with one heart, knowing that one day I would get there. I was nothing.

The world left me to walk alone and then, see, loneliness ate me up. I became thinner and thinner.

“You want to inspire the world but where will you get the right information. But which language will you use?” a voice, within me, always said to me.  I had no money.  I was rootless. I had no powerful backers.

The poor friends I had didn’t really understand me and now, I apologize if I left them and have taken time without investigating to find out where they are now. Life means something. What do you really want? Decide now!

We are amidst enemies. These people discourage. They oppress. But who owns this world? I sometimes ask. I know people and I know what all of us want in this world.

Do not let any body stop you from pursuing your goals. Words we write   will always mean nothing. You must be willing to go ahead so that your life changes.

You can compete. Editors in busy news rooms know it very well that newspaper readers buy headlines. In my life I have seen millions of people, who think are wise and capable of putting money in right places, buying books ,and magazines, with nothing inside, to improve their lives.

Donald Trump branded himself, after studying human beings for years. He got what he sought for so many years.

I was once hugely oppressed and kicked around, by even those who may never get anywhere in life. We were abused and undermined. In the beginning I feared whenever people talked. I no longer do.  Besigye once walked while going to work.

I have done that so many times in my life.  Deep in my mind and heart I do it. Greatness is for all.

This country is full of people who do not know the pain people pass through to establish themselves in business. You will see them ordering for the closure of fellow Ugandans’ empires, before even alerting them.

We shall go ahead. We shall show someone how to survive even in very hard times. I will teach my brother how to get up.

I will fight on, even if one wants it, so much, to starve me of the tools we need. The oppressor’s words are so sharp and pierce. I know but, together, we are marching on. Don’t fear.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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