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‘It is make or break for us’


‘It is make or break for us’



remember, he is good at pretending.

Any time he may show you that he is with you. You media, fight the billionaire knowing that he is not looking away. He is watching.

He who fights with the sword will also see the sharpest one directed towards him.  The world is crying. America helped the world for so many years. Now people there applaud its leaders when they say it must be America first.

Surely in people’s hearts today is a thing that will force them to hate whoever is seen wanting to beg from them. What Trump says and people clap and stand, to interrupt him as he talks, shows. People have been silent for a long time.

Pray for me. I must ready myself for massive wars. Tycoons are now flat on the ground. It pains a lot my friend, to go down back to where you were. There is chaos in the world indeed. There is confusion.  Animals have never escaped from captivity to spoil our peace. The lions are still in their dens. It is we, humanbeings, that have turned into beasts.

The people you elected love money more than you thought. They do. They sing itin parliament. This is our moment to show, that we are determined to go for what we want, whole-heartedly. Fight against your enemies, and throw the rubbish that they threw, towards you, back to them.

I support pastors who say they will help a believer identify his or her enemies so that revenge can be made. One is not telling me to act and succeed if one stoppedme from throwing stones towards those who bring arrows towards me to end my life.

We shall fight!Choose the path and, there, keep walking ahead.  Do not be afraid of the thorns and sharp stones along the chosen path.

I congratulate the Sunrise. You opened the eyes of the government. You spoke on behalf of the silent parents. And now, perhaps, schoolfees will be regulated. Words are mattering now.Thank you.

Now, let’s move onward and reveal more to the silent majority. The corrupt official eats money, supposed to help more than ten schools in a district, alone. Why should I rest when the poor are tired of this? Ignore the comfortable bed now.

I will be with street kids tonight. You admired Nelson Mandela and chose to become defiant. Freedom fighters do not get tired. Until the end, they fight. Watch the flock.

Freedom fighters are put in prison cells for decades but they never make statements different from their beliefs. It is you ambitious politicians that I am speaking to.

For the first time, thank you.Some of you have spoken things that have unchained people in our country. You investigate.You will get what you truly want.

The entire world is awake and struggling. In the middle of forests prophets are therepraying. The hills are full of prayer warriors. Pastors shout prayers into our ears every day. No one is resting. Strugglers are full of markets, carrying luggage.

Every one is down on his knees asking for blessings. A beginning pastor thinks he will one day break through. Musicians here are also fighting hard to hit the industry.

It is not easy. Footballers admire Zlatan or Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. Players in clubs like Villa or KCCA and Express believe, but it’s a journey.  You must work. A comedian does it all to make sure he wins your heart. Some will undress.

You say I incite the crowds following me. Okay. It is big things now. I am about to order a million men and women to queue up,to buy the leading weekly. Right there it will be a revolution.

It is a make or break moment for us. We sink together now, because we are one. Let’s fight on!Editors do not lose hope. Just understand what the world wants. Competitors are so many.  Enemies are ruthless and, they possess the tools. Don’t fear. Believe!  Believe! You will get there.

See, I was poor and so unknown when I began. I snaked through the negative crowds, of men and women, who even held my right hand, so hard, to stop me from moving ahead. I raced ahead. I believed I would eventually scribble, to inspire the world. I minded less about my ‘nobodiness’and my poverty. I didn’t wait for money.

With no friend or relative by me, I carried my cross to Golgotha. I am alive and now, I am winning. You will get there. It’s make or break, now. Fight for the thing, now! It is yours.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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