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My Albino Baby




Funs last week I left you all yearning for more of Lillian’s story. But I have to tell u again that that is my style and it makes me happy and look for more stories. Otherwise thanks for your likes and comments.

“The traditional birth attendant didn’t show me my baby immediately. But I heard the cry to prove that I had delivered a live bouncing baby. I heard her saying “Eee ozadde muzungu”(you have delivered a white). After working on the baby the attendant covered it so well and laid it just next to me.

She covered me too before going out leaving me alone with the baby. I never felt that pain some mothers go thru during child delivery. I remained there thinking how will I go back home with the baby. But I had agreed with Walter’s mom to keep the baby, so I was to take the baby to her and go back home as if nothing happened and return to school for my S6 final exams.

My love for Walter just kicked up and I wanted to break the news to him. But I was so deep there in the forests of Kyaggwe and there were no phones as today. I smiled and all this time I had not seen my baby. I uncovered it and cud not believe my eyes.

I had not seen this type of baby before she was very very white. At this time the attendant came back with a mug of millet poledge and Matooke katogo. She smiled and said; “Olabye bwetuzade omuzungu.”

She was trying to pretend as if nothing was wrong. Still in shock I recollected my self and pretended to be fine too. I returned a plastic smile. She asked whether I have tried to breast feed her.

I cud not imagine breast feeding that ghost like thing. She saw the shock in my face and brought a small cup tried to squeeze some milk from my breast that was not coming. She gave the baby some warm water using a 5ml spoon telling me to take the porredge and the Katogo.

I tried but nothing was going tho I was hungry. I was not ready for this situation. I imagined taking a Namagoye kid to Walter and I saw him denying me there and then. I imagined my mom and dad, taking to them this ghost thing having bn denied by the father, and keeping this pregnancy in their house, l saw my self a dejected mother of an Albino.

It is Doloka the traditional birth attendant who saved me from the sea of thoughts when she asked me to go for bathing. The food was not going but I was done with the Bushera.”
“As she washed me, she asked me whether we have Albinos in our clan. I answered affirmative.

We kept quiet until she finished and went back to the house. She cleaned my tits before placing the baby on them. Bambi my baby tried to suck but milk was not coming. I was on tension and I didn’t like it. As Doloka tried to place it again on the breast a tear from my eye dropped on her hand.

She removed her from my breast and laboured to council me. Hajj Ashraf I can’t tell u wat she said bcs I was not with her in my mind. I only heard that if u are tensed up the milk will not come. She had some milk in a small cup and gave her. Banbi she was yearning for it. I was some how happy.”

Friends I have to remind u that this is a true story told to me by Lillian (not real name) one of u my funs. She wanted me to share it with you.
“After feeding the baby, Doloka laid it next to me and went out probably to cook again she was so caring. I stayed their alone with my ghost and concluded that I was not going to stay with it. I collected all my belongings.

I had a lot of money on me, picked some little for my transport and left the rest there next to my baby. I wrote I small note that; “Jjaja omwana mulabirire nze ngenze kusoma”. I looked thru the window and saw Doloka busy pilling matooke.

I passed thru the back door and disappeared into the forest. I realized that I left my shoes behind when I stepped on a thon, but I continued to run. It took me almost three hours before I reached the main road, the bus took long to come, there were no taxes and I even didn’t know which side was Kampala. It was midday.

The bus came and the conductor shouted Kampala shillings 6. I realized we were very far. Hajj Ashraf shillings 6 was a lot of money bcs a kilo of meat was costing Shs2. I boarded and we moved to Kampala bear footed.

It took us another four hours to reach Kla. Hajj the roads were so bad and the bus cud stop on every stop (stage) for over 5min. I slept and only woke up when a pregnant woman vomited into a bus corridor and u cud think somebody had poured popcorns.” Here Lillian laughed her tears out.

“She must have eaten a lot of it. We had reached Bweyogerere. When l reached Kampala, I went to Kayondo shoe company the owner was a friend to dad. I picked some shoes which dad cud pay later and went home. I deceived them that mine was stolen in the bus while sleeping.”
“Reaching home mom was getting worried two days was becoming too much without hearing from me tho I left a note that I had gone for discussions at Penelope’s.

She used to come at ours too. I told her that I surfared some fever. She took me to Nsambya hospital where the Doc almost killed me when she squeezed my tummy to check whether I was pregnant. I refused her to squeeze my tits, and to look at my Virginia, remember I had delivered that morning, she cud suspect.

It was now past 6pm. She gave me some antibiotics and pain killers and wanted me to go back the following day. I never went back. She must have suspected something bcs she called home to enquire whether I was fine.”

“After a full week I decided to go and break the news to Walter. Love for him was also killing me and I was feeling very fine.”
“I found Walter very busy reading his books. He welcomed me well with a long hug. His mumy was not at home, he touched my tummy and there was no gutter. He looked straight into my face. I never waited for a verble question his eyes had said it all. I told him that our baby was so much affected by the fastening that it came out prematurely. And I have bn in hospital. I showed him the Nsambya medical form. He was convinced beyond and cooled me down as I shed crocodile tears.”

“He wanted me to greet his grandmother who was in the house. She had come to visit. He went to call her. When the grand came MY GOD SHE WAS AN ALBINO another NAMAGOYEEE….!!!.

We shall continue from here friends. Thanks for reading. Please send your likes and comments..
Allah bless you all.




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