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Relate Your Relationship to a Project and Live Blissfully


Relate Your Relationship to a Project and Live Blissfully

Relate Your Relationship to a Project

Relate Your Relationship to a Project

In project management, there are documents which are prepared before commencement; these documents are comprised of the guidelines that are supposed to see that the project runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively; one such document is called Scope of the project.or one to succeed in a relationship he/she should take it as seriously as any major project undertaken in life.

In this particular document , there are many dos and donts that must be adhered to and key amongst the areas included are descriptions, deliverables acceptances the criterion as now people will take time to plan their other projects but will fail to properly plan their love escapades, to the extent that they wont know what to deliver, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

So today I come to give you the scope of any successful romantic relationship.


Being in a healthy relationship must feel good, not worried or stressful! Your courtship should be a platform of happiness, a shelter that you run to whenever the other challenges of life hit you hard, a healthy relationship must always have the ability to make you feel like a king/queen whenever you are around that better half you have chsen. It must have the ability to assure you that you are the best and you can overcome anything simply because you are YOU!

No secrets

If you happen to be in a relationship where, you need to hide anything from your partner, then think twice…..a healthy relationship have demands that you can be able to express your thoughts, and the lines of communications are noted coded, thus you can count on your partner that they will listen and share their burdens openly at the same time feeling comfortable even when you are not seeing eye to eye, the element of negotiation can’t be one sided, and judgmental.


No matter how compatible you are, one should realize that your partner has a life outside you; in short, your partner may be part of your life but not their entire life, anyone relationship that makes you drop all for the sake of your partner is not a relationship at all! A healthy relationship should be like a room in the whole house not the house in all the rooms, thus some space should be set aside for other things and persons in your life not suffocating the other part of your life. Have you ever wondered why partners in many relationship usually ask for some breathing space?’

Sex must be great

There has always been that question about how important sex is in a relationship. The truth of the matter is that sex covers less than 50% of a healthy relationship this means that when it is great, you have 50% right and the other things will just be a top up! However when it goes down south, then know that this is the first ingredient of a down fall of the relationship.

So whatever it is make sure that the SEX remains relevant and updates are never overlooked, should never be overlooked. Review and Renew your sexual experience for a better and healthy relationship.


As long as you can account for everything in your relationship, then you are free to do whatsoever you want, as long as you toe the line of your partner, be it time, resources and other actions one is supposed to know at any time that what I am doing cannot bring discord between me and my partner, in other words never do something that you know will put you in trouble when your partner comes to learn about it!


Risk management and constraints are not hurdles to be overlooked during project implementation therefore precautions must be in place especially knowing that we live in an imperfect world that can turn a good deed into a nightmare, so when you are in a relationship try to set up mechanisms that will come handy when things don’t go the way you expected, be it saving money together (financial issues are the number one reason for most broken relationships nowadays), also establish a mechanism for settling any disputes that might arise.




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