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TREVOR MUHWEZI: Am a talented Reggae artiste


TREVOR MUHWEZI: Am a talented Reggae artiste

Artiste Trevor Muhwezi

Artiste Trevor Muhwezi

Trevor Muhwezi is an artiste with a strong vibe that gets many off their seats to jig  as they listen to his music. The Sunrise’s Frank Kimuli caught up with him at Kabira Country Club. Below is their conversation.

Question: What is your stage name?

 Answer: DR PXD

Q: What inspired you do music?

A: I love music and I am very much interested in listening to Dancehall. And besides, Reggae is my talent.

Q: How many songs do you have?

A: I have so far done six songs.

Q: What are the names of the songs?

A: Friky gal featuring; Jaxta and Jonac; Loving night featuring S.Kim; Enfold my swag featuring S.Kim; Not my type –all-starL; Kankolera-single; Jiggle up featuring Easy Mo;

All these are dancehall projects.

Q: Have you performed at any big show or event?

A: I have performed at Mbarara Carnival, on Cisco’s tour in Wuhan City; the come-back event in Wuhan City with Razz B of B2K at the BOB Awards in Shanghai with Lil Johns; King of Dancehall tour in China with Dr. Jose Chameleone; and with, Bring back our gals campaign with Grace Nakimera.

Q: Which studios have you worked with from within and out the country?

A: I have worked with D-Records with Pro Rinex, Elgon Studio in Mbarara, Alpha Sudio in Mbarara, Gaza land Studio in China with Producer Wang Li.

Q: Which Ugandan musicians have worked with?

A: Easy Mo, SK Brain, Dr Mo, Damian Di General and many more.

Q: Who is your role model?

A: Bennie Man, i just love his style, quality of works and his versatility with music, I believe we share a lot in common.

Q: Who would you love to work with on your music journey?

A: I would very much love to work with artistes like Bebe Cool, Ziza Bafana, Grace Nakimera, Cindy and many others who are good.

Q: What challenges have you faced in the music industry?

A: Financial hardships; media playing hard with us the up-coming artistes to promote our music; working out of country, and then, marketing my music here at home is a very big challenge.

Q: How can people get your music?

A: They can follow ma social media accounts;

  • Utube-Mr Trevor 66
  • Sound cloud-Mr Trevor 66
  • Reverb Nation-Mr Trevor 66
  • Facebook-DR PXD
  • Instagram-DR PXD 1

Q: Have you joined any music group?

A: I have; Magma Hot Squad, here in the country; and, Big Money, down in China.

Q: What do you do besides music?

A: I am a famer and I rear cattle and plant trees on a large scale down in Mbarara.

Q: What should your fans expect in the next five years?

A: I have more left in stock: Tulibabi ftr; Damian Di General and Easy Mo; New Style, a single; Traveller featuring; Damian Di General, a Collabo and Balimukutya still with Damian; but, soon I am going to be settling in Uganda for good so, my fans should expect more good from me.

Q: What is your last word to your fans?

A: I thank my fans for the love and support and still promise them more great works from DR PXD.









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