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Awesome love making


Awesome love making

Very few people know this act, ‘that no one is born a great lover, in fact none of our instincts that we are born with are sexual, this means that sex and being great in love making is an act that we all just learn.

The people of yonder years knew this so much, to an extent that intending young couples used to be taken for lessons before they got married; among the Baganda, a young bride was always escorted by a paternal aunt to ensure that everything moves well!

So every time you meet someone, who knows a thing or two about sex and satisfying a partner just know that, they took time to learn the art, and if someone can learn something, anyone can perfect it.

Sexual satisfaction is still elusive not because we don’t know the nitty grity about sex, but because we take for granted what we have learnt, so today I would like to take you back to the basics of good love making!

Take time to prepare

It is said that the little things go a long way in preparing a couple for great sex, but if your habit is waiting until you are under the sheets and you expect fireworks to flare just because you are making love, think again.

Preparation takes sometime, so all along, try to put each other into the mood even if you have met in town, whisper, send text messages, touch each other and look each other into the eyes during day and your night under the sheet will glow!

Preserve your sex appeal

There is a song that I think shows how people are sometimes misled. In the song, a lady was singing o how she admires her  man when he is all sweaty and rough and looking all rugged up. This macho-ism could be attractive to a certain level, but believe me, it’s not a turn -on.

Couples always drop their guard when they finally get each other, and forget all about how they look, forgetting the fact that they used to look their best while they were dating. Its not only about hygiene, it’s about that sagging belly and your figure, thrive to look and remain sexy to your partner and you will have covered a quarter of good sex.

Communication is so sexy

One of the biggest killers of intimacy is lack of communication, and this goes round from out of bed, in the bed and after bed.

A couple making love must be in constant communication, and it doesn’t even have to be words, a groan, a hiss, a touch here and there, all these will make any love making session a class A affair.

As long as it is all about what you are doing at that time, meaning talk about sex, forget what they promised you or what they asked you to do and enjoy sex with the right conversation, guide, comment, direct, stop, and praise the love making session with words. Share activities

Be unpredictable

It is possible to be unpredictable and sometimes even surprise yourself.

The unknown bits adds flavour to your romance; things like trying out new styles; changing your dress code, changing the sex venue or position of making love; ie. making love in the bathroom or in a bath tub, on the sofa, the list is so big that no one can exhaust it. In short what your mind finds odd, could be the key to your enhanced sex  experience.

Challenge each other

This is as challenging as it looks but it is possible for lovers to always try something. the fact that you are two can be a challenge that you give to each other  to take turn to offer something new, you will find that you take extra efforts to  either reading, asking or just making something out of your fantasy, something that could real be a jackpot.

Be observant

Many times we find things that tick us off, even without knowing that they exist, so make sure that you make love with your body and listen to what your bodies tell each other. Love making is not all about your lover but also about you: Observe what you feel and take note because its these little things that your bodies respond to that culminate into a awesome sexual experience.

So learn through observation and maybe you will reach the point of no return quicker than you can imagine.

Lastly never ignore the after sex time,  this is especially for the men, take time to cool in each other arm and you will feel loved after the act!




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