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‘Defender of this one’


‘Defender of this one’

You see, even if others are falling on their faces, today, we must move one. This is the world we were thrown in.  You began the things you today do. Now you must carry on.   But what else will you do?

It is that one only that can let you see the other world, where men and women think about luxury only  and know, that wanting money is not being  immoral.

You know in Africa, children, as young as this one here, are told that wanting money is bad behaviour. So they grow up fearing money. And when they get it, when they grow up, they worship it.  They worship money and rarely give it away. The billionaires here are chewed   by brown envelope journalists just because you people, the rich, do not want to share what you possessed, with them.

So they shall sort you out, again and again, until you learn that money, if got, must be shared, with others.

Today there is someone I want to defend. Really I must ready myself, to be abused and even to be dragged, away from the temple, to the wilderness or to Golgotha, to be crucified. People are saying I must be here to tell people how to form successful businesses or to tell them that crop farming is now profitable, or to say to them nomadic pastoralism is a thing of the past.

Others want me to tell them that the other farmer is the best in Bukanga Sub County. No, we do not say such things in the twenty-first century, we men and women who were called to serve others whole-heartedly.

I know the sources of wealth or fame or prestige or power or glory and honour. You can form your own kingdom, as some city men of God are fighting hard to do.

Man is funny and when he stops to fear, he will defend everything as long as he or she thinks it will make his mouth more privileged.

My friend, see and be awake all the time. A little extra sleep or slumber will leave you naked. Go to work and humble yourself. We do things we do, in 24 hours, and we are shaking the foundations of the earth.  Our enemies thought we couldn’t.

In fact during the spadework, men of action do not talk. Now, here your competitor ignores you. He underestimates you. Then, he leaves go ahead.

If it is drugs, that stimulated him, let’s all agree, that he fed his mind with Miraa or anything to make him refuse to sleep while he thought. Let’s also all agree, now, that Bobi Wine is now a member of parliament.

What he will say there I do not know, but I believe, he will get money from there, to squander. Long serving leaders in Africa, employ men and women older or slightly older than them because, these men, and women, the Kirundas, are no longer ambitious. They no longer have interest in the chair up.

I fear fast acting poison similar to what Korea can use, against hardheaded opponents.  Such people cannot do such a thing to you. Old men are good to employ. So, people surrounding the Robert Mugabes are as old as he perhaps is. You just pay them well, and make their daughters and grand children happy.

You say you may never oppress because now you are not yet there. All people, while they are still down say so. Go up and up, you will oppress.  Mr. Besigye can be even worse than Museveni.

In the late 90s, he was a little known man. Later Hajji Sebbagala ordered and you jumped around and you shouted Kizza Besigye. We could not sleep during those days because influential Nasser Sebbagala had said that we give to him, Besigye, our vote.

Now, Besigye, Besigye, do you still respect that man, Nasser Sebbagala? You see. Same things. Same politicians. In America and here, in Africa. He sacks a lot. Trump likes it when he sacks. Wise men watch, before you act.

Before you raise the axe, to axe them, they resign. All things are done in world for reasons. I see in Kenya, here, and their politics amazes me.

All people who come to contest for presidency grew up with gold spoons in their mouths. You cannot grow up in the state house you Uhuru Kenyatta and you tell me that you know what it really means to be poor or without meaningful employment.

Raila’s father was a rich man. Raila, do you really mean it, when you say that you really feel it when a Kenyan goes to bed hungry or if they drink from the same valley dam with a Turkana herdsman’s bull? Do you?

Mudavadi Musalia and Musyoka Kalonzo, you people. William Ruto, you are greedy.  But Besigye, you man, you were someone, near the current president, thirty years ago.  You were a very young man. Something I am feeling. A story must be told. I can’t be quiet any more.  Turn up next time, sit and listen here.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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