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Mom’s man raped me, I became a prostitute, too


Mom’s man raped me, I became a prostitute, too

More than half the women are in prison because of domestic violence. These women are nicknamed after the weapons they used to commit the crimes that led them behind bars. Remember the likes of Kakumbi, Baby Toi, Acid, Lweje and others. If you missed these stories you may check them out in The Sunrise website –

Somebody would think that women do not kill, but these women have killed people; over 70% of them are convicted of manslaughter, other than murder. I am taking you back to prison – to Okapi (a nickname after that small pocket knife). Last week Okapi cut off her husbands genitals, but circumvented her story. This is where it starts:

“Hajji Abaasi, my name here in prison is Okapi (laughter). I’m over 40 years. I was born in Kiwunya, Nakulabye. I went to Kyagwe Road Primary School before joining Mengo Secondary School for my ‘O’Level.

“In Primary School, my mother provided everything that I needed: tuition fees; uniforms, of which I used to have three dresses; for shoes, Mom never waited for them to get torn, I always had two pairs.

“I never went to school without pocket money for the 10a.m., break-time snack; and for a soda to accompany my school lunch. I was the envy of the rest of the pupils.

“At home in Kiwunya, we stayed in a single room (muzigo) with my mom. It was well-furnished. She used to work at night in a bar and a hotel as she used to tell me. I used to leave her sleeping in the morning as I went to school. She would leave my pocket money on a stool before she went to sleep. She warned me never to disturb her when she was sleeping.”

“The results for my PLE [Primary Leaving Examinations] were very good. I got a First Grade with flying colors and joined Mengo SS.

“All this time, I had never seen my Dad. Even when my Mom provided for everything I needed, the situation of not seeing my Dad had become unbearable. My school mates had their dads; some of them were being collected from school by their dads. Why not me?

“So, I started pestering Mom to introduce me to my dad. One day she promised to come with him; that evening, I was happy and longed to see him. I prepared well for him plus the food that included chicken source, for mom used to leave me with enough money to prepare what I needed.

“In the evening Mom came alone, but unusually, she was drunk. I thought Dad would follow her soon. Time passed, and Mom was quiet. We were about to sleep she requested for food. This is when I burst into tears pestering her to show me my Dad.

“Huu, Hajji Abaasi, it was as if I had thrown a stone into a bee hive. Mom burst into tears and started shouting that she was and still is a Malaya; that she had sex with many men and because there were no condoms, she doesn’t know who my real father is.

“Hajji, I regretted ever pestering her for my father. From that day, Mom completely changed. She used to be so decent to me that I never imagined she was a prostitute. She was very secretive with herself as a sex worker even the neighbours just speculated.

“Now, she started bringing her men to our one-roomed house without fear or embarrassment. Her actions with her men were always separated from my eyes by a string curtain. The scenes were always nasty and disgusting.

“Some men would beat her because of her poor performance, Bambi.  Sometimes, she would be very tired after going with several men, but she badly needed the money to cater for me and her mother, who was always sick.

“Sometimes I would sleep outside our room to avoid these scenes, and where mosquitoes bit me. I started missing classes because of bouts with malaria. My performance deteriorated tremendously and I totally lost interest in school.

“One day, at around 9.00 p.m., some man knocked on our door and told me that Mom had sent him to bring her bag. When I opened, the man grabbed me and threw me on my Mom’s bed before aggressively raping me.  I was a virgin. Up to today, I’ve not experienced that pain I went through. He finished and left.

“I could not tell my Mom. I started rotting down there. A friend took me to Mulago where I got cured.

“This man continued to come with Mom; and coming for me when Mom was out, and rape me before giving me some money.

“One day, I got some poisonous chemical from the school lab and put it in the beer he used to come with. He went out feeling pain, and the following day, Mom told me that Uncle Kiberu had died of heart attack.

“I celebrated my victory silently. But I had committed murder.

“I stopped going to school and Mom didn’t care. She even stopped caring for me, but because I wanted money, I joined Mom’s business; and we used the same room and the same bed.

“As I was young and very attractive, I attracted Mom’s men and they would leave her for me. And because I used to see live doing it, I tried hard to do it much better. This didn’t go well with her. She chased me out of her home.

“I had enough customers, so it didn’t take me long before I got and furnished my own home. I graduated to Speke Hotel and Half London, in Kansanga. The business was really good but disgusting. To avoid the bad feelings I started on drugs both for smoking and intravenous.

“There was this man, Seru, who enjoyed me so much that he became a routine customer. One day, he proposed to marry me – and he was very serious. Before I could even give him a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, he was talking about our wedding.

 “Myyyy God….”

Thanks fans. We meet for continuation next week. Best regards. Allha, bless you.



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