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‘Hostility I face’


‘Hostility I face’

Hostility I face’

Hostility I face’

As if they run the world. True,whenever politicians choose to play their games, the entire world pays attention. This temple, of wisdom, has indeed done something, extraordinary, and people can now see the difference, between right and wrong. Someone will play with your head until he finally fools you.

Recently we saw drama, a lot of it, immediately after the Kenyans had finished casting their vote.

Odinga rest and think about the wealth you have gathered over the years. At your ageyou may not understand how computers hackers operate.

It pains so much that after trying, again and again, you couldnot rule that country in east Africa. It pains when one tries so hard and one fails to succeed.

I remember when years came and passed and the world remained as if without eyes to see my creations.  Someone can want to commit suicide. Raila sorry.  Money and time are spent and, see, the result is permanent failure.Go home. John Kerry and other white men betrayed you. Sorry.

Your father rested so many years ago but now, he now believes that Kenya still has people who can think for themselves.

There is nothing much going on here. I see whenever I look around, that the stories from our people are the same. The rich are piling up more riches. The poor, who are unwilling to change, have continued to cry. Learn: even your relatives may never give you the room you need, to progress freely.

Something very true is often spoken by pastors here. You truly know what you are going through. Pray for yourself therefore, and do what you think is the right thing to do.

A lot of people wanted us to softly and humbly talk, as we urged people to rise up to look for what could later belong to them. I refused and instead took the hardest way.

A rod, if used, cannot kill a child. Instead it will make him, or her, auseful person after so many years have passed.

Now, lazy and selfish men are determined and have, on so many occasions, accused me of using this space to make men and women, who had given up and therefore had chosen to sleep forever having lost hope, to rise up.

These people, my accusers say, acquired the eyes to see, that some empty parliamentary seats could be occupied by people, like them, who the talkative world saw as unimportant. More will be done, as long as people are still yearning.

It takes time to gather enough wisdom, wisdom that is formidable, so that men, even true gentle men, can sit and listen. It is hard work, accompanied by other things like a lot of thinking. You must work.

People meetus there and become afraid. You can tremble and shake uncontrollably, until you faint, and refuse to look in my face, because you have feared mea lot, but know that we too are human beings, and a lot of us were nothing in the beginning.

Apolitician or a business man may use a machete to stab me. He may, but my pen will eventually make them fall, on their faces, if commanded. I don’t fear.

All wise men and women will understand the just written statement. But what forces a revolutionary to accept to talk with his enemy or to accept to stand before people after being humiliated and put in a notorious prison for 27 years? Success is the best revenge.

People are silent, but, in them, are things that they think must be spoken. Wealth is gathered but will this wealth be safe after these men, we love a lot, leave power?

Take our sayings and words for granted but, perhaps, you do not know why America is the most powerful nation on earth.

You are comfortably sleeping now, there, but, perhaps, you have forgotten to remember that some men, and women, fought for this peace.

Really they did though some of us do not want to listen to them, so that they can tell us about the hell, they went through. There is a lot of in fighting here.

Man wants to be appreciated and to be recognized if he does something. See, almost all churches of the Anglicans or Catholics have doors and windows with names of men who donated them, engraved on them.

I will be crucified by whoever wishes. But we are on our way, ahead. And whoever misbehaves, even if he prepares to be the next president of the country we love, will be sorted out.

Do not worry about me.Thehostility we face was expected before we even arrived, to utter huge words here. People who matter are listening, and following. Small boys. NATO.No action, Talk only. We are safe, therefore.


SekkaBagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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