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Seru proposes to Okapi


Seru proposes to Okapi

Seru proposes to Okapi

Seru proposes to Okapi

We were at the stage of Okapi’s story, when, Seru her regular customer, had proposed to marry her and was already talking of a wedding ceremony. Don’t forget Okapi told this story when she was serving her prison sentence. Let us continue:

“Hajji Abaasi, the day Seru proposed to me, we were in his house around Naalya area. It was a nice, big self-contained house and very well-furnished. By the time he proposed, I had visited this house several times in line with my work. But I had not met any person in this house apart from Seru.

The first time I went to his house, he took me around showing me all its corners. It was a relatively new house. He told me that he was married with children, but his family was out of the country and his wife was not willing to come back to Uganda.

“He told me that he was tired of buying sex; he wanted to settle down with me; that he was in real love, after buying me several times; that I was the woman, who not only gave him real sex, but also a woman of his heart.

“His proposal was a surprise to me, but he appeared really genuine. I asked him what would happen when his wife happened to come back and found me in her marital home. He denied that house being his wife’s marital home. He pulled out albums to prove his statements. His other house was around Naguru, also very beautiful; that was the one for his wife.

“That day, Seru was well prepared for me. After all his talking, he sat me down and knelt before me as he pulled out an engagement ring to push it onto my finger.

“Hajji Abaasi, chills run all over my body. This is the least I expected to happen to me in my life, but it was real.

“I hated men because all my life they had been torturing me. They had raped and bought me for sex.

“Hajji Abaasi, there is nothing bad to a woman like that job. Men torture sex workers. You sleep with every body because of money. Some men enjoy it while beating you; others stink after spending days without bathing; some never brush their teeth, but they want to kiss you.”

At this point, Okapi felt nauseated and ran out vomiting. I spent sometime there imagining the situations she went through and prayed for my daughters. Okapi came back, cleaned up the place before she continued with her ordeal.

“Hajji, I’m sorry but it is so disgusting. And those girls and women don’t do it because they want it. Balina ebizibu binji nnyo. (They have problems). They do it for money but with much hatred. That is why most of them are always high.

“Hajji, when Seru proposed to marry me, I internally accepted, but as a woman, I pretended at first to give a negative answer. He continued to plead and I later accepted his proposal. He didn’t want me to go back where I stayed.

“He was ready to provide everything I wanted that very day. I requested him to take me to my home first and pick my essentials. He accepted and took me to pick what I wanted from my house. I gave the rest to a friend, one Kagere. She has never stopped to thank me.

“Seru was a consultant in banking. He was in his mid 50s and relatively rich for a middle class man. I developed love for him and the guy was so caring. He even bought a car for me just for shopping.

“My problem was drug addiction. I couldn’t sleep without an injection. I continued to do it stealthily, until one day Seru caught me in the act. I thought he was going to chase me away, but Seru took me to a rehabilitation center for two months. The nurse continued to come home regularly until I was completely rehabilitated.

“I saw a loving husband in Seru. I decided to open up and tell him all my history. He almost cried.

I proposed that we go for an HIV test before we threw away the ‘bu’ polythene. I wanted babies for him.

“Seru was very positive; and luckily enough we were both negative. He made me reconcile with my Mom before taking me to the Administrator General’s Office to sign our marital papers. He never wanted a church marriage because he had been there with his first wife, and they were not divorced, yet.

“Hajji, I settled with Seru and you could not imagine that I was the woman with that very bad history, but the kids were not coming.

“Seru saw that I was frustrated and decided that we contact a gynecologist who proved that my uterus was too affected to have babies. I was devastated, but Seru never changed. He took me back to school in an adult education centre. My good performance made me forget all about babies.

“One day at school, I was not feeling well and decided to go home and rest. When I reached home, Seru’s car was in the compound which was unusual at that time of the day (working hours). I didn’t bother a lot. On entering the house, Seru was in the guest room making love to somebody. My God….

“I stormed out of the room.”

Thank you, my readers. We ran the story of how Okapi castrated Seru; and a week later he died and Okapi ended up in Luzira for life. This is how it had happened and how I came to follow the tribulations of women caught up in domestic sexual violence.

Allhah bless you.




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