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Does the sex of a doctor really matter?


Does the sex of a doctor really matter?

Does the sex of the doctor matter

Does the sex of the doctor matter

Hard times may not deprive you of your right to make choices. Even when you are sick you still have a choice of who should treat you.  There are people who feel comfortable being treated by male doctors while others prefer female doctors.

We cannot forget the fact that there is a section of the people who don’t care who treats them, whether male or female. All they want to see is a doctor treating them.  Someone prefers to be examined by the most competent doctor available that is attentive to the patient and doesn’t talk at me, but listens and works with me from there.

There is a belief that male doctors take female patients a bit more seriously than women doctors do.  They are tender and considerate. This makes some women prefer male doctors. Through experience women have found that men pay more attention than the women. They can also be patient with you especially if you are a female patient.

In the quest to have a doctor with a sex opposite to that of a patient another problem erupts; the communication problem. It can be particularly serious when a man suffers from impotence or some other sexual-health problem.

In such cases, doctors need to ask some sensitive questions. How often do you have sex? Can you describe your erections? Do you wake up aroused? The truth is that some female physicians may have hesitancy or discomfort when speaking of those issues.

Advocates for female doctors believe that women are often better listeners.

When needing to vent or think something through, most women will turn to their female companions for a steady and focused ear rather than calling up their partner, male relatives or male friends. This could be true with healthcare, as well. When women have a health concern or issue, they may believe a female doctor will listen closer to what they have to say.

It is also believed that female doctors may be able to better relate to the concern since they have the same body parts. While medical teachings and degrees are based on science and studies, there’s an innate connection between women simply because they have the same equipment.

Some women believe a male doctor may not be able to understand the degree of their concern or pain because they aren’t able to experience it themselves. A lady said that it’s only a female doctor who knows what she feels. She laments of a male doctor who was painful and squeezed her boobs till she cried.





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