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Before you invite your ex to your wedding

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Before you invite your ex to your wedding

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In life it is always difficult to let go of the past and take a detour from the once familiar and now closed routes. No matter how much we try to forget what we have left behind us, our minds end up opening those old pages again. This seems a little tougher when the past in question concerns pretty sensitive issues like human relationships of love and marriage.

For every wedding that takes place either the bride or the groom or both have exes. Quite often our first relationships don’t result into marriage. It is the second, the third, the fourth and so on relationship that may end up into marriage. This means that by the time people exchange vows they have been involved in a number of relationships and they have exes.

It is imperative to know if it is okay and necessary to invite your ex to your wedding. Before we give our suggestions it is equally important that we first ask ourselves if your ex also finds it okay to attend your wedding. We also have to ask ourselves if our partners find it okay that we invite our exes on such special days.

Gone are the days when inviting your ex to your special day used to be considered a taboo. Today it seems to be a pretty common thing. In UK an annual wedding survey 2014 showed that two thirds of couples admitted that they would invite their ex to their wedding, with men being twice as likely to do so.

This is, however, a practice that has not been given serious consideration in Africa.
What exactly would you feel when your partner invites his or her exes on your wedding? This is not an easy situation especially if you are the insecure and jealous type.

It is more logical to tame your temper in the heat of the moment. It is far much more honourable to remind yourself that your partner has chosen you as a wife or husband no matter how close their relationship was, how long they dated and what they have been through. There is no doubt that at the end of the day you are the one walking down the aisle.

Before you decide to invite your ex to your wedding reflect first on the factors that brought about your separation.
Sociologists say that if the history of the previous relationship has been bitter, then there is no point calling someone to the wedding who would remind you of an acrimonious past.

And if there had been commitment issues and infidelity charges then inviting an ex can be more of inviting trouble.

There are people who still have feelings for their exes. When you look at your ex you subconsciously feel a magnetic pull back to your most romantic times.

Trust me that kind of energy and magnetism has no place on your wedding day. And the reality questions are: Is it that important that your ex be present at your big day? Why don’t you spare your ex from the jeers, sympathy and pain?



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