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‘Cowardice, in politics’


‘Cowardice, in politics’

Cowardice, in politics’

Cowardice, in politics’

I have this year seen so many of my friends and people I wish to know better crying. University students, who wish to study hard and perhaps join politics to liberate our country, are struggling, working hard, and are doing odd jobs to gather money for tuition.

Every selfish leader knows it that a poor youth cannot concentrate to think of how a hated government can be toppled. Robert Mugabe did a certain thing and all historians, who believe in burying brains, will regard it as a mistake.

Mugabe sent the Zimbabwean youth to school. I see gaps around here and force myself through to what I want to get but, things are not easy. People are ruthless, and you might even lose your life if you show all the signs that you are determined to go ahead. Ugandans are not so good to each other.

Once a tired man begins to race ahead, nothing can deter him. People rejected my carelessly written scripts a lot of years ago but, I didn’t give up. You saw it in the spiritual world, go ahead and do it.  I would have perhaps lost my life this year. I am still alive. This country is full of coward and timid men.

The world is many years old. Someone motivated whom you respect and fear today. They were nothing in the beginning. We need to stand up and talk and perhaps be incarcerated but, we need to see changes with our naked eyes.

Everyone here must do what they are supposed to do. I went to school and gathered knowledge, after so many years of undergoing torture by teachers. Even when we talk politely, we shall die. I am not afraid of anything. To be great is to be misunderstood.

Now, anyone who has ever marketed anything knows that the words spoken first will either attract or send away the man or woman who fondles a product.  Kizza Besigye, be open to us.  I am determined to inspire so many more Ugandans and these people will become rich and great but see:

Projects are not concentrated on. So many roads have remained incomplete. Things are talked about but the officials concerned almost do nothing to do what you people expect from them. Here people have to be ordered around to do what is supposed to be done to lift the country.

Young and experienced journalists must almost be caned first to deliver a short article to the editor. The inspector has to be around if something is to be accomplished in this country. Is it because employers do not pay workers? That will be sorted out. It is a small issue.  Politicians in this country fear a lot. Things do not just happen, my friend.

Politicians here do not focus to think. In fact politics must be your business if you are to acquire something from it. Today someone is in Dubai, looking for school fees.  It is Togikwatako. Tomorrow it is land issues. This politics played by the opposition cannot shake any serious government. In Kenya, for a decade now, it’s Ururu, Raila and a few other men.

Here anyone can make a name in politics. Winnie Kizza. Ingrid Turinawe. Then a lot of other FDC women. There is nothing such women can do. Get the ability to think for yourself.

The ignorant world thinks Mugabe at last accepted to lose the game in stoppage time. This is not true. We do not know where men like Mugabe went to study politics but we believe they learnt the real politics that   selfish and greedy politicians must study.

Emmerson Mnangagwa has been together with Mugabe for more than four decades.  Those, who are afraid to study how to rule, as men follow, will think Mugabe lost it all. No.

Mugabe is still somewhere near the top chair where those who lead, in Zimbabwe, sit.   There is nothing for nothing.  People say Bobi Wine can save the ordinary man. Who told you?

The house you built is in a swamp. It cannot last. Concentrate now and focus and build a thing that the Mugabe party, in Zimbabwe, built. Same people. Muntu, Mnangagwa, Besigye.

Wake up and start playing mature politics. Who told you that as he moves around, Bobie Wine is 100 percent fighting for you? If you grew up in poverty, you can use any means decided to become among the richest men on earth, even through pretending that you can liberate a country, singing songs.

Men with politics in blood should come out, to show us how skyscrapers and superhighways, and powerful schools are built in a country! Politicians in Africa want free things.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

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