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Can people wish their exes the best? 

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Can people wish their exes the best? 

Can people wish their exes the best?

Can people wish their exes the best?

Sometimes when couples say “it is over” they don’t mean it. At least one of the partners doesn’t mean it.  It is becoming a normal thing for your ex to wish you bad when you separate.

Most people don’t want to see their exes happy after a break up. They probably want them to experience worse situations and even regret having decided to separate.  This is a feeling that we have grown to have even when some people pretend not to have it.

There are some strange types of behavior after a breakup. Strange, yes, but completely understandable when you take a closer look! Jealousy is often present in relationships but surprisingly it can also show up between exes.

Despite the breakup, there are still some reflexes that a person continues to have, and this puts you in an odd situation. The woman you had been with is still acting jealousy and you don’t know how to react.

When your ex is jealousy it doesn’t always mean that he/she is still in love with you. It’s often the person’s ego; meaning your ex’s pride, that causes it.

Your ex isn’t necessarily still in love but seeing you with another person sets him or her off, creates an electroshock, and it makes him or her come back around. In certain cases, even if you have been separated for years, even just hearing that your ex is seeing another man or seeing another woman can make you think and start questioning things.

It’s perfectly okay to wish your ex the best in love relationships after you have separated.  And I think the people who say it is not possible are emotionally immature. The truth is that you can care about ex-partners, genuinely like them, and wish them the best without wanting them back. At least, if you are emotionally mature you can.

The sticky wicket is a great number of folks in the world, including rather a lot of folks who should be old enough to know better, are not mature. Most people tend to re-create the world in their own image.

A good number of them build their understanding of the world from the idea that if they can’t do something, nobody else can either, so anyone who says they can is lying or deluded. If someone says I can’t love and wish my ex the best, this does not mean that others can’t.

In life we should learn to let go and wish people the best in their lives.  At one time these people were all we wanted to see every morning, they meant everything in our lives and we loved them so much.

Just because circumstances dictated that we part-ways does not make them devils that should only be hated. We have an obligation to love and not to hate. This is the foundation of a harmonious world.




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