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‘What society is’


‘What society is’

Inspiration with Sekka Bagenda 

Crying in public can sometimes relieve you stress

Crying in public can sometimes relieve you stress

You must completely settle down and forget all the things that happened to all of us last year.  It will shock you to discover that what you go through is almost exactly what majority of Ugandans go through. You have continuously wept but see:  schools fees must be paid. You must get what to put on. There are people, in this country, who think they live because you exist.

The mouths that you feed because you must live is   not aware of all your struggles. It is therefore a great mistake for the employer to cry over minor issues when those that he employs are seeing. Last year I was bed ridden for several days. People around me feared in them.

I said I would live. I was incredibly ill but I never ceased telling people in the temple of wisdom that they were capable of winning. Be known by constructive deeds. Empires are very difficult to hold so that they may forever stand.

It is only people with airplanes that know how difficult it is to maintain them. It is not the most fearless that win wars. Keep some thoughts to yourself only.

Never cry in public

I was mocked when I said I would one day write better than anybody else had ever done in this country. My relatives ridiculed me when I revealed to them that I had found a way I would use to walk to the only source of enduring riches.

My former school mates thought I was joking when I revealed to them that I was about to superbly be able to manufacture things that would save the souls of struggling men and women. When I went to the former friends of my father and I informed them about the extraordinary plans I had, they instead narrated to me things I was not interested in hearing.

They told me about all the courses I would do at the university so that I may direct huge sums of money into my pockets. Some people ask why I am not close to the experienced but unknown authors in Uganda. I wanted them a lot of years ago.

I called them again and again. They didn’t pick my calls. And those that picked asked me, whenever I called, who I was. One called me a spy who wanted to hand him over to the corrupt officials in the government he attacked.

After looking for people for years and I found none, I later chose to mind my own business. Veteran editors could not believe me when I often said to them that I would make their fallen news rise again.

I am today a bit arrogant and very difficult to see. A lot of people don’t understand my actions. I have dealt with almost all the people ordinary men and women in this country whole-heartedly respect. I am away from crowds of people.

I want to fight for some body. I am very aware of people in Uganda here who will forever and ever misuse the taxpayers’ money as long as you people who pay taxes continue to accept employing them. There is money I don’t consume. It is the reason I have for years remained relevant.

No one knows how Bill Gates acquired all the money he has today.  Bill Gates risks and takes decisions that even his closest associates disagree with. People in Uganda are full of fear. Do what you want and if you fall, this will not be new. But were you born with anything?

People will always laugh. They laughed as you were crawling and very planless in the beginning.  They laughed at Sudhir Ruparelia when his once successful bank became no more. They took pastor Serwadda for granted when he revealed to them that he felt it necessary for him to be a leader of all born again Christians in Uganda. They thought he was joking.

He transmuted his words into reality. People laugh. They recently started backbiting dead bodies. Ugandans marveled when it was announced that Lawrence Mukiibi had left more than fifty children on earth. Society is different from what you think. It is high time you woke up.

Even those you were born with will never accept to walk ahead when the walk with you has become so long and difficult. Be careful. I have acquired a heart and now, starting this weekend, I will need not to force unwilling people to walk ahead with us.

We cannot turn back. There is nothing I have not seen. I remember the days I received disappointment from the nice looking ladies I thought would be my future partners. These things I today adeptly do consumed a lot of my time, before I mastered them.

Relatives said I would never write. Editors said my brain was so weak to enable me create for the years that would come ahead of me.  I remained poverty stricken for years even after the world had granted me permission to write as they paid attention.

People will wave at you and will carry you up after great performances. The same people will then turn against you and work, all the time, so that they can bury you naked.

SekkaBagenda is a writer An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist



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