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Russia 2018: YKEE Benda to represent Uganda


Russia 2018: YKEE Benda to represent Uganda

Uganda representative Russia 2018

Uganda representative Russia 2018

After conquering and topping all major music charts in Uganda and the neighboring countries, it is now of no doubt that Ykee Benda’s success is crossing over Africa and extending to Russia. How come? He has been chosen to represent Uganda in the up-coming World Cup.

It is evident that Benda did not do his Ebirooto song for nothing. After being chosen to feature in the World Cup anthem, his dreams are growing real; and he is going to perform alongside American-based Jason Deluro; Diamond Platinum from Tanzania; Sami Dan from Ethiopia; and,  Liza James from Mozambique.

He also unveiled the World Cup trophy to the crowds that had gathered at Lugogo to see this trophy during the World Cup Tour. And then Benda was given the honour to perform in Russia at the June 2018 FIFA World Cup event.

Last year, Benda’s music career started growing bigger internationally after the Coke Studio organized show, where he performed as the big break artiste. During the Coke Studio event, he became a musical sweet heart to many people worldwide.

It was a staggering performance that he put in at the Coke Studio show. Since then, he has never looked back.

He started his carrier as a simple but hardworking man.  Little did he know that the whole world would set eyes on him. His success is a testament to that growth. Even now, he is still a fresh young talent; and we shall be witnessing more as the years go by.

In Uganda’s entertainment industry today, one cannot talk about big musicians and fail to speak about Ykee Benda. This is because he has managed to put out remarkable songs like, Superman, which has emerged as the best song of 2017. His other productions like; Kyenkyebula, Munakampala, Malaika among others, tag along.

5 Things to know about Ykee Benda

Ykee Benda, real name TugumeWycliff, is one of this year’s break out artistes. In just a space of one year, he has managed to prove that he can be one of the biggest names in Uganda’s music business. His hit singles such as Munakampala, Farmer and Budumbu are topping charts and ruling the airwaves. He had an interview with where he talked about fame, music and fashion.

On staying humble

“I always tell myself that I’m not yet there, and will still be working hard five years from now. It’s what helps me stay humble and down to earth.”

On whether he too thinks his lyrics are littered with sexual innuendos

“I do music you can listen to with your friends, have a laugh and a good time. That’s what I believe is good music. Life is too short to be taken too seriously. A good song is supposed to have intrigue. One should ask, what in the world did he mean by that?”

He never thought he would be a singer

“I was singing in church and at school, but never thought I would forge a career out of it. After secondary school, I flew to Algeria to study Chemical engineering, and only started professional music  after completing my degree.”

On his choice in fashion

“I love to wear skinny jeans, shorts, and sleeveless tops. I like African and tribal prints. My most favourite outfit I wore in a music video was a suit in African print I wore in the ‘Budumbu’ music video. The suit was custom made by PapleRayn.”







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