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Celebrities’ expensive lives

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Celebrities’ expensive lives

Celebrities' expensive lives

Celebrities’ expensive lives

Some of us who saw  the Oscars 2018 could not believe what we saw.  The fact is that celebrities wore up to $ 30 millions in watches and jewelry alone. You know, dressing up for the Academy Awards is an important part of the festivity.

Stars, especially those who are potentially winning an Oscar, want to look their best during the ceremonies, and that means donning top looks from head to toe. Not only is the dress important, but also the shoes, the hair and makeup, and, of course, the accessories.

It has become common and inevitable that, both male and female celebrities pick the accessories they choose to wear on the Red Carpet with an incredibly selective eye. That may well be why we saw millions of dollars worth of watch and jewelry brands walk the Red Carpet last night. Oh my God, It was a big night for Swiss watch brand IWC Schaffhausen, where more than half a dozen stars donned timepieces from the brand.

It is opined that extravagance is the luxury of the rich; penury is the luxury of the poor. This statement is apt in the lives of several  artistes who tend to show off their ‘wealth’ in a bid to constantly remain on the public eye for as long as possible.

It has also been said that all decent people live beyond their incomes nowadays, and those who aren’t respectable live beyond other people. A few gifted individuals manage to do both. This is what celebrities crave for.

From Jay-Z and his $250,000 bottles of bubbly, to Nicholas Cage and his laundry list of outlandishly over-priced goods, these stars make spending large quantities of cash look like child’s play. Do we envy their ability to buy whatever they want on a whim?

Of course. But that doesn’t make their purchases any less outrageous. In May 2012, UK tabloid The Sunreported that Angelina Jolie had shelled out $1 million on a luxury helicopter. While we initially thought she would want to use the aircraft as a means to bus her six children around the world, an anonymous source told the daily she bought the aircraft exclusively for Brad Pitt.

It is high time we realized that celebrity culture is bad for society. Being popular often means taking fewer risks. It shifts the burden of proof for quality entertainment from actually being good to being something that a bunch of people are down to watch. Thus, content has gotten shorter and arguably, dumber as time goes on.  And once a celebrity gets popular for doing something, the machine wants them to do it over and over.

As long as focus is shifted from creating things to showing off on social media then trouble is around the corner. 15 minutes of fame becomes a priority over other achievements.




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