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‘Power and Money’

Power and Money’

Power and Money’

You were greatly disappointed by the people you elected to the august house, last year. We are in the New Year and now everything is still being done by experts here and you will all therefore get what you need. Power and money have gone to the heads of African leaders.

The results that you today see were expected by the wise and, more is to be seen even this year. I today do what was years ago called impossible. Unlike in the past, I today write and market people’s products with ease.  You will get what you need.

Last year was difficult.  The wisest and the richest were hammered and so many of them wept as you also did in 2017. Donald Trump was sworn in.  You now see what he does to America and this world. Money and power, if not well handled, can cause what is about to happen to America and us poor countries.

I don’t look what I do. Do you know what happens in Uganda when you try to get useful words from a famous or rich woman or man, wanting to know why they succeeded?  Some have gone to the extent of wanting to insult me. The struggle is my life. Pray for me.

We work, very hard, and travel from here to every where trying to discover what people pass through, so that we can know why some people are highly successful yet the rest, the majority, are impoverished. We need money and time.

I have found out that most of the people in Uganda are very poor.  Who can interpret for us the law against defilement in this country? I saw young girls in Busoga marrying. Young children in the Elgon and in almost all rural areas are given away to marry by their relatives.

Is there any one with vision in our country so that he can see the huge pit we are about to fall in here? We are sleeping.

So many important people died last year. I lost a friend Ivan Semwanga. We need resources to enable us supply salted information to the sad looking world. Lawrence Mukiibi, a man who erected important schools, also died and left behind young children who today need help. It’s the habit of us Africans to die with what we had, including power and wealth.

According to the evidence I have for years struggled to gather, there are very few really rich men and women in this country. It is the reason a very talented footballer who may not use his own brain may fail to discover the route that leads to lucrative leagues in Europe.

The music industry is completely rotten and like in today’s politics, there participants don’t retire. A singer you no longer hear of is still there and these people, the likes of Dan Mugula or Abdul Mulasi, are doing everything they can to come back.  I sympathise with the large number of youth who everyday pour into this industry of music. Who thinks for the music industry?

It’s comedians who have even never recorded any song that are ruling you, you Chameleones. The laws they are making are going to keep you in poverty forever. Wake up.

We should not copy the habits of the white man, because we are still a developing country. But why does a Mugabe or a Gaddafi rule for more than thirty years and still feels afraid to go out back to his birth place so that he can work with his own hands?

I warn music artistes in this country against loitering at night. It’s now survival for the fittest. And do not be surprised if someone dies in a planned motor accident this year.

When people desire to attain power, they will do everything they can to get it. Refuse to create space for foes and competitors. Adversaries are everywhere. We are also fought.

As long as people still yearn to be appreciated. As long as they still want to stay in power for long or to gather more money than they can manage to squander, we may never stop fighting among ourselves. Africa needs dictators and rulers to take huge steps forward, to development. Leaders who handle us with gloved hands are not going to lead us to Canaan land.

Political leaders in Uganda need money more than the life they possess. They think money is security. A lot of them are less concerned about what happens every day to poverty stricken men and women and starving children. They are not afraid of what the people they lead say. The desire, by men to lead, as others follow, has done more harm than good in this continent. Happiness, to Jjaja Mugabe.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

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