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‘when time is up’


‘when time is up’


I swore not to keep quiet, until something happens. You will discover that if you begin to become unafraid to try to accomplish things, you will eventually hold a truly big thing in your now completely empty hands. I am still under huge pressure but we are ready to whip our competitors and foes, until they give up.

You are led by arrogant men who were, unfortunately, a lot of years ago very poor. I will expect nothing from the majority of old men or women clinging on power today.

Let’s accept to live in peace today, with the ability to move around. But if such peace, and freedom, stops to exist, a government, even if its leader is loved by those that keep him in power and villagers, you will see its time getting up. I knew my words could matter.

You could not ignore knowledgeable men here. I possess power, more power than any talker may possess.  As I tried to die last year, strange things happened to me. God intervened, so that I could continue climbing fools around the earth.  Even at your place of work you can know when your time is up.

It is well known by all wise men and women that there must be misunderstanding between the employer and the one he employs when he who sought jobs is about to be  ordered to pack his possessions, to leave the company.

Your heart is telling you that you no longer fit to be where you are. Gaddafi’s time was up. He held on. He was butchered. Those who were very close to the young musician AK 47, say he began to behave as if he was silently saying that his time on earth was up.

Experienced doctors and other people, who know a lot about medicine, have told me that a patient can know about it when the time for dying has come. You saw how Jjaja Mugabe started to behave when his time to go, to mingle with his grand children, had come.

You are wise enough. Tell me tomorrow what the acts of all existing criminal gangs Kifeesi and the likes mean. Tell me. I am a writer of this century so I will not bring so many things of the past so that you may learn from them. But let me look back a bit.

The late Idd Amin, as he ruled and stepped on men, decided to torture journalists and religious men. He left power before his time had come. Milton Obote, a man who knew how to talk and how to handle young men, who were wise, thought shared power, was more dangerous than disease. He died a hated man in a foreign land. His thoughts!

Obote would have left the traditional leaders free. Begin to do some things and I will know whether your time is up or not.  The action of Raila Odinga, to swear himself in, did him a lot of damage and now: Odinga will never be president in Kenya. Besigye also did his own things. He destroyed himself. Kizza Besigye will never be president in Uganda.

Everything has its time. If tomorrow Ken Lukyamuzi is among the main speakers I will not attend that political meeting. I rarely meet very wise women who can also calculate. I one of these days discovered that Betty Kamya had to enter this government. Know when to act or when to stay seated. When required, listen.

It is not true that the only old politician in Uganda is Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. We just sometimes decide to leave some people eat their prey in peace. They should handle me well.

I know so many men and women there in the opposition who in their hearts supported the recent amendment of the constitution. If you have tried and failed so many times and you see that you are growing old, go back to where you came from and dig. But for us we are here.

There is nothing Donald Trump can do to the dictators in Africa, or any terrorist sponsor around the world. You are free to know how money is plucked from trees but you may not know how powerful politicians do their things. They will kugikwatako and you will look on as they celebrate, in Kiboga. Time has not yet come. And there is nothing for nothing.

Besigye accepted to go to bed to sleep. I can wake up sleeping dogs. The lazy ones remain sleeping.  The ladder of success is not crowded at the top. Raila Odinga, Kizza Besigye and all men and women, who may never achieve what they have for years looked for, would have sought us and listened as we talked sense into the ears of the Uhuru Kenyattas.

When your time is up, the world informs you. Governments are overthrown. People die young. Musicians are rejected. Your wisdom can remain in your head only, if things begin to refuse. When time is up, we begin to delay to clap for you.

Presidents in Africa have been famous. We waved at them, as armed men drove them, speedily, away.  The last bell is always rung. ‘That I may be held as I fall, when time is approaching.’ I pray.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist, Have your say via: 0756717967 or email:



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