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NCA not quitting Gospel music      


NCA not quitting Gospel music      

New Chapter Africa (NCA)

New Chapter Africa (NCA)

The award-winning Gospel group, New Chapter Africa (NCA), is seemingly losing sight in the eyes of its fans. This group gained popularity with its songs like, Nabibuuse, OMG and Bingi. Bingi is considered their world-class song since it has won them many Gospel awards, both local and international.

Despite the group having topped all Gospel musical charts, these three songs have been lost from the industry and musically. It has taken the NCA trio a long time without producing a hit. A source close to the Sunrise says that the reason NCA is not producing music is because they are quitting Gospel music.

This has prompted many people to go on social media to show their concern about this factor. A sample of some of the comments go thus: “NCA has run bankrupt since Ivan Ssemwanga died”; “It was maybe their [NCA] strategy to break through the entertainment industry through Gospel since the other music sectors are very competitive”; “They now want to join Dance Hall music since it has a big audience and pays more than Gospel”.

In reply to these allegations, the NCA trio of; Robinson Jomo, Lutaaya Edwin and Antonio Amooti, said that they are not quitting Gospel music for the Dance Hall are other club bangers genres, rather they are going to produce more of inspirational music. “Inspiration music is good, it’s like preaching live Gospel to the people and we believe it will reach out to everyone and touch many people’s lives.”

Asked why they choose to join that sector of music, they said that, for the few years they have spent in the music industry, they have managed to get a wide fans-base and a good number of their close fans are Moslems. “Many of our fans are Muslims and we always felt like we were leaving them out; that’s why we decided to do music that cuts across all religions, but still we will produce the Gospel music because the Church is our mother and father; and we can’t move out of it. Church is also good and fun,” they said.

The trio also said that the reason as to why they spend most of their time outside the country is because they have businesses in South Africa and schools they have to attend to. And they also disregarded all the claims of receiving charity from anyone, more so, Ssemwanga. “NCA has its businesses; we sing but we also do work, and for this we are able to stand on our own, not forgetting our fans and God,” they laughed in unison.

Jomo, Lutaaya and Amooti have been on the musical scene for a year now. They have promised their fans that they are not giving up on God and Gospel music.  And they say that they are soon releasing their new album and promising that more music is on the way.




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