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My Fighting Fiancé

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My Fighting Fiancé

My Fighting Fiancé

My Fighting Fiancé

Asalaam Alaikum fans. Today, I bring you the one of Naziwa

“Hajji Ashraf, I’m Mary Naziwa, 25 years of age. I am a graduate of Marketing.

“In my third year at campus, I started dating Damiano, who had finished university some two years back. We met in one of the popular gyms in Kampala. I had accompanied a friend.

“As I sat in the lounge waiting for my friend to finish her working out, Damiano came out of the gym sweating, to pick up some water from the receptionist. He was a tall muscular guy and very good looking. He greeted me with a nice smile which I returned.

“He inquired why I was not inside the gym to work out. I answered with a smile that I was waiting for somebody. After some five minutes’ exchange between us, he offered to pay for me to start working out. I was not so interested in exercising my body, but the guy had crashed into my mind.

“I agreed to appear the following day; and we even exchanged phone numbers. He reached into his wallet to offer 50K for the following day’s transport. I went back to the hostel very excited. That night we intimately talked on phone.

“The following, day I reached the gym very early to the surprise of my friend, Nancy. Damiano took me to the dressing room and then to the gym. To my surprise, Damiano was the instructor.

“We started very slowly until things turned hot. Time came to stretch our muscles and Damiano held my legs as I stretched them, even sitting on my butt and making me feel lust.  After the gym Damiano drove me back to the hostel in a beautiful Premo, leaving me counting 100K of 10K notes from his wallet.

“This became routine and I was enjoying the whole thing.

“As we approached writing our final papers, I started missing gym. Damiano was very understanding; he gave me time to read but he would come to campus in the evening loaded with Java’s packs, plus cash.

“I loved his ways. “On Sundays, Damiano used to pick me for church, before going for lunch after which he would drive me back to the hostel.

“One day, in the evening, he came to the campus. I directed him to where I was. We were at the discussion group seated under a tree. I went to his car to request for sometime. He agreed to be patient. When we ended our discussion, there was this guy, Jose, among the group who hugged me as we said bye to each other.

“Inside the car, as we moved to Javas, Damiano reluctantly asked me that; ‘Oyo no omuvubuka okuwa zzi hug ssimuyiwe amanyo?’  He said it while smiling and I took it to be a joke.

“Two days later, the same Jose shook my hand while Damiano was watching.

It was a Friday, and Jose was known for his clubbing every weekend.

“On Monday morning, I received a call from a friend that Jose was admitted in Nsambya Hospital after a serious beating by thugs at a club.

“I called Damiano, who drove me to Nsambya. He came promptly and we went to Nsambya. Jose had been seriously beaten and he had almost lost all the anterior incisors and the canines. The whole of his face was swollen. He could hardly see.

“As we left the hospital, Damiano gave Jose’s mom 60K and he [Damiano] looked very sorry. He drove me back to the hostel, but before driving off as he dropped me, he told me that, ‘Togamba nti sakulabula, nakugamba nti oyo omuvubuka bwatakuveeko nja kumuyiwa amannyo. Kati ndowoza okakasiza’.

“I could not believe this guy. But…

To be continued.



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Dr. Ashraf Simwogerere, is an acclaimed playwright, film producer, performing artist and professional dentist. In 2016 he was recognized as one of Uganda's National Heroes. Dr. Semwogerere is one of the most recognised faces of Uganda's Theatre having scripted and produced plays such as `Suubi` and `Mukajanga`.

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